2020 Pets Space Journey Calendar

I got a little trippy looking at 2020 Cats+Dogs Space Journey Calendar by Brazilian graphic designer Otavio Santiago. It does not help especially after I, coincidentally, re-watched the entire season 1 of Rick and Morty.

All the inter dimensional jumping and subsequently seeing cats and dogs in space suit as astronauts (or astropets? Astroanimals?) makes the whole experience even more trippy. But I absolutely love it.

Otavio Santiago created this calendar to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and the subsequent event that followed, namely, the Cold War-era space race. Obviously, this homage had cats and dogs assuming the role of space explorers.

For this surrealistic pet-centric calendar, the illustration was created based on a vintage risograph-style, giving them a nostalgic, retro futuristic look. The psychedelic experience is further helped by bold use of different typefaces for the inspiration astronomical quotes and unusual combination of duo tone colors.

Not going to lie. I kind of want one. Unfortunately, it is isn’t for sale. A limited edition of 100 copies will be printed to be distributed “just for friends” around the world and I am most definitely not one of them.

Images: Otavio Santiago.

Source: designboom.