NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept

NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept 720x405px
(image: NextofKin Creatives) NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept | US$na |

we don’t need to emphasize the fact that we love concepts and why we do. along with that love, we also have the insatiable penchant for gorgeous things like this concept chainsaw dreamed up by Singapore design studio, NextofKin Creatives. the NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw, as it is called, is a contemporary take of the otherwise brute and menacing look of the traditional chainsaw. no details of what goes into this kitchenware-look chainsaw but despite skepticism that it would most definitely garners, i kind of like the design. speaking of which, i have an odd feeling that this chainsaw will feel more at home in the kitchen, sitting next to the KitchenAid appliances, then in the woods or garage. we just want to ignore the practicality aspect and admire this work of art. if Tony Stark were to use a chainsaw, my bet is, this would be the chainsaw of choice. seriously, a STIHL or Husqvarna would almost certainly look out of place for Stark. don’t you think so?
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