NewFresh Coral Activated Carbon Air Purifier for Autos

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(image: NewFresh) NewFresh Coral Activated Carbon Air Filter/Purifier | S$39.90 |

our daily lives are engulfed by too much smog in air to our liking. while we can’t purify the air in the open but we certainly can do something about it if we are in enclosed spaces like within our homes or our cars. a Singapore-based firm, NewFresh has developed a product dubbed as Coral specifically to cleanse the air within your ride. the NewFresh Coral is packed with highly activated carbon in granular form to effectively remove bacteria, fungus, chemical fume, and odor. this air purifying effect is further enhanced by a powered fan that speeds up the air cleansing process. completing the package is a beautifully designed enclosure that will fit comfortably into any modern car interior, and like any good air purifying devices, the cartridge or filter that contains the active carbon is replaceable too. air purification of any kind are not new but the NewFresh Coral stands out as one of the few in the market that pays equal attention to its functionality and its aesthetic. let’s be honest, the air that we breathe is as important as how chic your car interior is. don’t you agree? so the last thing you ever wanted is something that would tarnish that chic look. the NewFresh Coral is available via NewFresh website with a price tag of S$39.90 or about $32 based on the current going rate.
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