SureFire Maximus

SureFire Maximus
SureFire Maximus | US$265.00 |

regardless of how much you dislike light up tools, you still can’t deny the fact that you will need to shed some light on what you are working on when in low or no light situation. ideally, you should have both hands working and not one hand occupied with holding a flashlight. such situation calls for the aid of a reliable handsfree light aka headlamp. you know those lamp that you wear on your head like a miner? yea. that’s the one, except that the SureFire Maximus is way, way sleeker. it is a rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp that offers up to 500 lumens of brightness – if the situation calls for you to light up an entire area or it can be dialed down to 1 lumen, or any level in between, for more intimate work. doing the latter also improves its runtime up to 70 hours. it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be juiced up via wall outlets or from your vehicle’s 12V DC socket. other features include a sleek, lightweight magnesium body in black finish, a custom reflector for wide and diffused beam, 90 degrees of up and down rotation, large knurled dial for brightness level adjustment, fuel gauge for checking in on the battery status, a long-running SOS beacon for emergencies, a no-chafe fine-weave headband with moisture-wicking Breathe-O-Prene forehead pad, and waterproof up to one meter depth. however, the SureFire Maximus doesn’t come cheap and it will punch a $265 hole in your wallet.

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