Jenn-Air Pro-Style Rangetops

Jenn-Air Pro-Style Rangetop JGCP430WP
Jenn-Air Pro-Style Rangetops | US$tba |

it is hard to ignore a beautiful design, even if the product in question is something we (as a man) hardly use except when we need to quickly whip up some Japanese instant noodles to satisfy our growling stomachs. the Jenn-Air Pro-Style Rangetop is just one of those product that we would love to have in our kitchen despite not knowing how to cook. it will sure make a kitchen look more pro and sleek without looking too much like your local restaurant’s kitchen. the Rangetops are Jenn-Air’s most powerful gas burners and it provide up to two 20,000 BTU Stacked PowerBurners for dishes that requires intense heat, up to three 15,000 BTU Burners and a 5,000 BTU Burners for more delicate culinary. other features include continuous heavy-duty cast-iron grates for sliding heavy pots or pans between burners and an advanced electronic ignition system with Flame-Sensing Re-ignition technology that automatically reignite blown out flame regardless of its setting’s level. available in five models in three sizes catering to occasional chefs, right through to those who need to cook up a feast. there’s even a model that has an electric griddle and one that has a downdraft ventilation system integrated to its cooking surface. as for the pricing information, you will have drop by one of the Jenn-Air showroom. more look awaits after the break.

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