The Pen by AJOTO

The Pen by AJOTO
The Pen by AJOTO | from £60.00 |

how much time did you spend with a pen over the last few months? probably not much and even if you did spend a lot of time, it is probably with an uninspiring, plastic implement – not exactly something any style-conscious folk would want to be seen poking out of their breast pocket. as far as class and style are concerned, you could go for the Rolls Royce class pens (you know. those pens that are priced to rip your wallet apart?) or you could go for something more affordable but yet, still equally classy and vocal about the individualism in you. and the pen we think that will do just that is The Pen by Brit upstart AJOTO. judging from their Kickstarter video, we can see that these blokes are pretty damn serious about pens and that’s a good thing cos’ it takes someone who are adamantly passionate about what they are doing to result in super cool products and The Pen is one such result. The Pen features a unique twist mechanism and is as minimalist as a pen can get with no fancy relief, knurling or whatsoever – well, with the exception The Pen by AJOTO for the pen top which is groove for ease of twisting. as a backer (aka buyer) you will get to customize your pen by selecting from a choice material and finish (aluminum or brass; clear or black anodized finish) for the pen body as well as the pen top and a choice of either a 0.7mm black rollerball or fine black ballpoint. The Pen by AJOTO can be yours with a pledge of K$60 or more. check out a pledge video/product presentation after the break to learn more.

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