Smart home does not include the bathroom. However, with Kohler high-tech  solutions, a bathroom is not just smart, but touch-free too. Kohler envisions an app-controlled bathroom that is entirely touchless. Unfortunately, brushing and bathing are still very much hands on activities. But whatever can go touchless, Kohler will have an answer.

Kohler High-tech Bathroom Products for 2021

The futuristic bathroom solution include a spa-level bathtub called Stillness, smart toilet called Innate Intelligent Toilet, and Touchless Faucets. The star of the show is no doubt the sleek bathtub, Stillness Bath.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese forte bathing, Stillness Bath replicate a spa experience in your home bathroom. Using a combination of water, fog, light as well as aroma from essential oil, Stillness Bath wants to “relax the mind, soothe your body and renew the spirit.”

Kohler High-tech Bathroom Products for 2021

This unusual pampering bath does not fill up with water in the usual way; water fills from the bottom of the bath and in a version known as “Infinity Experience”, the tub is design to let water overflow into the Hinoki wood mote to create a soothing sound.

As for the Innate Intelligent Toilet, it features a heated seat, auto open and close, intuitive remote, and personal bidet functionality. The smart toilet also touts Kohler’s easy, ready-lock installation for convenience of DIYers.

Kohler High-tech Bathroom Products for 2021

Finally, with the Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet, Kohler brings what have been a norm in commercial properties to the home. Using sensors, it offers hands-free activation for washing hands, brushing, and whatnot.

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We do not know the price of the toilet and the faucet, or when they will be available. However, we read that the Stillness Bath will start at US$6,198 when it hit the market next year. The so-called Infinity Experience aka the ultimate luxury bath will cost as much as US$16,000.

You find out more about Kohler Smart Home HERE.

Image credit: Kohler.

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