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Brizo Has The First-Of-Its-Kind Concrete Faucet Money Can Buy

When it comes faucet, the last material you expect it to be made out of is concrete, but here it is, the Brizo Vettis Concrete, a concrete faucet that screams industrial look like the cast concrete basins we saw earlier this year. Each Brizo Vettis Concrete Limited Edition Faucet is painstakingly crafted by Canadian expert sculptor, Christopher Shannon, and it is the first of its kind in the world. Concrete, as some of you may have already know, is hard but brittle, and therefore, fibers are added into the mix to fortify the sculpted faucet. Continue reading Brizo Has The First-Of-Its-Kind Concrete Faucet Money Can Buy

Soon, You Will Be Able To Make Your Faucets Do Your Bidding With Alexa

You know Alexa? Yea. Of course, you do. TBH, when Amazon first introduced Alexa, we didn’t think it will have such an impact on people’s connected life. I mean, Alexa isn’t the sole voice-activation technology, but for some reasons, it has seen widespread adoption from the basics of basics like speakers, to headphones to desk light to door locks and even cars. And it is not going to stop there; the six decades old faucet maker, Delta Faucet Company, is planning to bring Amazon Alexa to faucet too. Yep. That’s right. In addition to the company’s touch-free Delta Touch2O Technology, Delta is looking to enabled voice-activated faucet too. Continue reading Soon, You Will Be Able To Make Your Faucets Do Your Bidding With Alexa

Pfister REACT Brings Touch-free Faucet to Your Kitchen

Touch-free faucet is not the newest of the new, but touch-free faucets designed specifically for home are something of a news and are stuff that makes a modern home, which is why it makes the Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucets worthy of a mention. As to why using gesture to trigger water on or off is cool or beneficial, I guess it is pretty much self-explanatory. However, in case you don’t already realized, such touch-less technology reduces the contact between your hands and the water dispensing hardware, thus minimizing the spread of germs, as well as keeping the faucet in pristine condition since virtually no touching is required. The Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucet is much like the sensor-rigged faucets you may find in some public restrooms, but it is specifically designed to meet the need for homes. Continue reading Pfister REACT Brings Touch-free Faucet to Your Kitchen

Dyson Airblade Tap

this probably won’t make it to your humble pad anytime soon but that doesn’t make the Dyson Airblade Tap any less desirable. in fact, it is probably the faucet (or tap, if you like) that would make any high-tech geek’s home look complete, well, at least in the bathroom department. within its unusual three-prong design hides a sensor-based faucet and hand dryer that lets you wash your hands and dry them without having to straddle across the room to a standalone dryer. the magic is, of course, more than just skin deep – it is in the world’s smallest full-integrated 1400W motors Continue reading Dyson Airblade Tap

a cascading water tap inspired by natural Asian fountains

Bamboo Fountain 544x350px
Mickaël Chrost‘s Bamboo Fountain is a gorgeous faucet that is anything but conventional. instead of the standard nozzle that sends water gushing out from the tap, Mickaël’s Bamboo Fountain lets the water “falls voluntarily in a slow fashion to avoid wastage.” aesthetically the faucet resembles a section of a bamboo stem with a slit and tip combo that lets water pours out. the concept drew its inspiration from the natural Asian fountains which explains its unmistakable oriental-look and feel. Continue reading a cascading water tap inspired by natural Asian fountains

Luna Faucet by GRAFF looks nothing like a faucet

Luna Faucet by GRAFF 544x348px
GRAFF Lunar Faucet | US$PoR | www.graff-faucets.com

we have seen our fair share of faucets and this new range of faucets from GRAFF is anything but conventional. you didn’t think it as a faucet until we told you so, didn’t you? as the name suggest, the curvy profile represents the crescent edge of the moon but we thought it reminiscent more of a samurai sword instead. nevertheless, it is something that unique-freak would love. the sexy curve and flatness gives it a very contemporary feel. the Luna Faucet is available in polished chrome and brushed Steelnox satin nickel finishes. as for pricing, you gotta get in touch with Graff retailers for details.

via Yanko Design

Kross Faucet breaks out of the traditional faucet design

Kross Faucet - black 544x388px
we continue our worship for beautifully designed faucet with the Kross Faucet by ISMA Creative Faucets. on the first glance, the Kross Faucet doesn’t look anything close to faucet but it is one and function like one complete with a matching square handle for temperature and volume adjustment. we just wonder how the stream would look like, would it be a rectangular stream? nah. we are just kidding. anyway, it looks pretty awesome and it will definitely feel at home in any contemporary interior. the Kross Faucet is available in black, nickel and white. colors that speaks of contemporary.

Kross Faucet - white 544x388px

via Yanko Design

One Liter Limited faucet limits your water usage

1-Liter Limited Faucet main 544x580px
how to educate people to conserve water? you can spend hundreds of thousands to campaign for water conservation or install the One Liter Limited faucet. designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon Oh, the One Liter Limited faucet’s curvature form has an upper glass tube-like contraption that limits a person usage to the amount of water within it, which is of course, 1-liter.

if you have big hands and used up the 1-liter, you have to turn off the tap and wait for the glass tube to refill with water. indeed very troublesome but we will learn to adapt and our children will grow up with the notion that faucets only dispense 1-liter on each use. perhaps that’s how our future would be: having a faucet that would enforce a ‘everyday is a water rationing day’ lifestyle.

via Yanko Design

Stealth Faucet is a faucet inspired by real life Stealth aircraft

GRAFF Stealth Faucet Chrome Polished img1 544px
typical faucet, no matter how nice the designs are, still looks the pretty much the same. even though there are probably some square or flat items around, round and tubular constructions are still the norm. so how do you like an angular faucet that was inspired by the Stealth aircraft? yea, just imagine how the Stealth aircraft looks like and carry it over to a faucet.

well, you get an all angular faucet just like the Stealth aircraft less the stealth capability, though. we still need to see where are faucets are, don’t we? instead of the menacing matt-black radar-absorbing coating, the Stealth faucet comes in two alluring finishes: polished chrome or Steelnox satin nickel.

this awesome faucet is, not surprisingly, from award winning manufacturer GRAFF which has supplied its faucets and shower collections to many luxurious hotels and homes around the world.

one question remains: do they have a bathtub shaped like the real Stealth aircraft? or maybe the Stealth aircraft-shaped basin? cos’ I really like the complete look of stealth in my bath.

via Yanko Designs