When it comes faucet, the last material you expect it to be made out of is concrete, but here it is, the Brizo Vettis Concrete, a concrete faucet that screams industrial look like the cast concrete basins we saw earlier this year. Each Brizo Vettis Concrete Limited Edition Faucet is painstakingly crafted by Canadian expert sculptor, Christopher Shannon, and it is the first of its kind in the world. Concrete, as some of you may have already know, is hard but brittle, and therefore, fibers are added into the mix to fortify the sculpted faucet.

Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet

Additionally, pure charcoal is infused into the mix to result in the signature charcoal tint you see before your eyes. Each piece is individually cast, hand-poured and finished by the artist himself and hence, there is only this many Brizo can offer to consumers. We are talking about super limited 500 units available to the market and to which, each will set you back at a cool $2,500. Doh! Man, who would have thought that concrete could be a luxury material? I bet no one.

Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet

As as boon (for paying this much), no two Brizo Vettis Concrete Limited Edition Faucets will ever look alike. Each Brizo Vettis Concrete will bear its own unique imperfections common among cast concrete and that, my friends, is why concrete objects is such a beauty. It is what I call perfectly imperfect. If you have been following this blog, you will know I am huge on all-thing concrete. It is also the very reason why I chose to leave the living’s floor in bare concrete – finished in clear epoxy, of course, for the extra shine.

Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet

Brizo Vettis Concrete Faucet

Images: Brizo.

Source: designmilk.

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