Toilet brush. The one bathroom accessory that is dirty and yucky, and yet, we don’t seem to be able to live without. But dirty and yucky maybe a thing for the past as far as toilet brush is concerned if FlushBrush have its way.

FlushBrush re-imagined what a toilet brush should be. First, it gets rid of the bacteria-friendly bristles in favor of a silicone head and the brush and handle lives separately, only coming together when you need to use it.

FlushBrush Toilet Brush Reinvented Kickstarter

The silicone head serves to scrub while repelling water and any waste. To keep it yucky stuff where it belongs, the brush head is designed to be stored inside the toilet. In this way, water passes it with every flush which effectively, makes it is a self-cleaning toilet brush. Almost like magic, without actual magic. It is brilliant.

Here’s how it works:

“To use the FlushBrush, just pick up the handle from the base, push to connect the head in the cradle and lift it out to start cleaning. When you’re done, position the head back into the cradle, and pull back on the handle trigger to release the head. The cradle has a magnet in it to keep the head secure. Replace the handle in the base and job done!”

A foldable flexible aluminum allows the bracket of the brush head to accommodate virtually any toilet bowl. My only concern is, guys stand peeing will be inadvertently peed on it sometimes. I guess that’s alright because, it will be flushed with the pass water, right? Maybe?

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Anywho, if you sold like the 2,000 plus backers on Kickstarter, then you may wan to consider picking up the FlushBrush toilet brush as a pre-order for £18-23 (US$24-31). The pricing is dependently on how quick you act on it.

If all goes as planned, backers should be receiving this wonder brush sometime in July 2020. The campaign is funded and so, your pledge for a product is a pre-order. You can learn more about FlushBrush in the video below.

Images: FlushBrush.

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