Ever dreamed of cultivating your own greens, but you can’t because you live in city and in an apartment? Well, you could, possibly in near future, get your vertical indoor farming going with the LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator.

No. The thing you see up there is not a refrigerator. Not going to lie. I thought it was fridge when I first saw it. So yeah, LG is also onboard the indoor gardening movement too. It is pitching the idea with its first indoor vegetable cultivator.

LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator CES 2020

This built-in column-type LG indoor gardening appliance uses advanced light, temperature and water control, convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app to aid you in cultivating nutrient-rich greens right inside your home.

With it, you can grow all-year round without being at the mercy of seasons. All told, this system can hold up to 24 all-in-one seed packages, enough greens for family of four, LG said. Though I am curious how LG quantify “enough”. Just saying…

No words when LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator will hit the market. However, those who are in Vegas can get the first look at the appliance at LG booth (#11100) at CES 2020, located in Central Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.

LG Indoor Vegetable Cultivator CES 2020

All images courtesy of LG.

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