Custom Jawa Sandcrawler Gaming PC

Clearly, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is very unrelated to Jawas and the scavengers’ mobile, droid-crushing fortress, Sandcrawler, but man, if you could play the newest Star Wars video game or watch The Mandalorian on a PC that is a nod to one of the most iconic vehicles in the franchise, it would be a blast.

Custom Jawa Sandcrawler Gaming PC

Anywho, a Jawa Sandcrawler Gaming PC was exactly what Jason Hurst of Works By A Hurst did. You may remember Hurst for its various metalwork revolving Star Wars franchise, including the custom AT-AT Mailbox that we love so much.

Hurst’s latest accomplishment was inspired by The Mandalorian in which the Sandcrawler made an appearance. Think the craziest part of this build was, everything is in steel – just like the Sandcrawler should. It was a long, painstaking process that took over a month, but the result is absolutely mind-blowing.

Custom Jawa Sandcrawler Gaming PC

Under the hood, this Custom Jawa Sandcrawler Gaming PC is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 3950x processor, AORUS X570 I Pro WiFi motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 Graphics card, 32 GB of Cosair Vengeance LPX 2133 MHz RAM, and 2 TB M.2 PCIe Gen-4 SSD. Rounding up the setup are a water cool system from EK Water Blocks and a few exhaust fans from Noctua_at fans.

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Obviously, this is a one-off build and there is no where in the world you can find this on sale. BUT maybe, just maybe, Jason may put this up on sale someday. I know it is a slim chance of that happening, but you want to follow Works By A Hurst on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms in case he decided to let it go. In the meantime, have a look at this awesome PC case being built.

Images: Instagram (@worksbyahurst).

Hat tip: Technabob.