Samsung AI-powered Artificial Human CES 2020

This is NEON, an AI-driven avatar born out of Samsung’s Star Labs and it is as ambitious as it is ambiguous. Ambitious as in what Star Labs is trying to do is to create an artificial human that behaves like real human and has the ability to interact with real humans, show emotions and demonstrate intelligence.

Ambiguous because, there does not seem to have a firm answer of its applications. Will it be a visual version of our current voice assistants? Or is it merely a companion? Damn, I have so many questions.

Anywho, we are not at Vegas, so we knew we have to dig around the Net for more details on NEON other than what the website has to offer. We have to see it in action. Then we came across this video.

Samsung AI-powered Artificial Human CES 2020

We watched it and it was, well, lets just say that NEON avatar is far from perfect. The interaction we saw is far behind what your current voice assistant is capable of. I concur with the presenter. I am thrilled by the prospect, but at the same time, I reserve my right to be skeptical.

I believe that NEON could be a precursor to what we may have seen in some sci-fi movies. You know, where shops have display with an avatar like this that could welcome you, answer your queries and whatnot.

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I believe that is one of its applications, along with the possibility of being a virtual companion to lonely soul. But the latter is kind of a sad scenario. Keep going for the aforementioned video. Warning: we are not responsible for any disappointment.

Images: Star Labs/NEON.