Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Poké Ball Case Bundle: Not For Catching Pokémon

Poké Ball is to Pokémon like lightsaber is to Star Wars. It is one of the most iconic objects to emerge from the Pokémon franchise. Meanwhile, in the real world, it not only lets you catch Pokémon like it was meant to be (yes, really!), it was a lunchbox, a Pokémon shrine-worthy collectible, a power …

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip 3 Into A Nintendo DS, Complete With Split Screen Capability

There are gamers who feel nostalgic about the Nintendo DS and then there is a gamer who feels nostalgic, looked at his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and thought: it can work as a DS substitute!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series: Has The Galaxy Note Returned Disguised As A S22 Ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S welcomes a new generation and this time, Samsung has adopted an entirely different strategy. It has distanced its range-topper, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, from the two other models. The distancing is right down to the press releases too where Ultra has separate press texts to the lesser S22 and S22+.

Samsung Revealed Industry’s First Smart All-in-One Fingerprint Security IC For Biometric Payment Cards

Card with fingerprint sensor, secure processor, and secure element is not new. However, Samsung has created a so-called smart all-in-one fingerprint security IC for biometric payment cards that promised enhanced security features enabled by Samsung’s proprietary fingerprint authentication algorithm and anti-spoofing technology.

New 2022 Samsung QLED TV Remote May Never Need To Be Recharged

Changing the batteries of the TV remote is barely an inconvenience. Because a set of batteries usually work for years before they need replacing. Though it is not clear if it is true for remotes with rechargeable batteries. But as far as the remote that will come with select 2022 Samsung QLED TVs goes, it …

2022 Samsung Soundbars Will Have Wireless Dolby Atmos Without Additional Hardware

With HDMI eARC or enhanced Audio Return Channel, it reduces the number of cables to just one when connecting a soundbar to the TV while letting you enjoy the wholesome audio as offered up by Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.

Samsung Commemorates Winter Olympic With A Winter Olympic Galaxy Z Flip3

What you see here is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Winter Olympic Edition (officially, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Olympic Commemorative Edition). Available in 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Winter Olympic Edition is cosmetically tweaked as a homage to the 2022 Winter Olympics.