Samsung OLED Smart Speaker with Folding Display

Does your smart speaker need a fully functional touch display? OK. Maybe it is a good-to-have feature but does your smart speaker need a foldable display? Never mind if you don’t because Samsung has created one. Folks, meet the Samsung OLED Smart Speaker with a foldable panel.

Samsung OLED Smart Speaker with Folding Display

The unnamed speaker, which was recently unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has a soft triangular design and an integrated foldable panel that folds down to hug the speaker when powered down. When powered up, the display comes to life and serves as a display for a variety of content.

The Samsung OLED Smart Speaker with Folding Display was just one of the many products Samsung used to showcase its OLED technology.

In addition to this head-turning, possibly a concept-only product, there was also an OLED Car Key that turned a key into an information device. This OLED Car Key goes beyond opening doors and locking them; it can even interact with the compatible steering wheel to achieve other functions.

And then there was an OLED headet which is basically headphones with an OLED display built into one of the earcups for displaying useful information – when you are NOT wearing it.

Also presented as OLED Ball Markers, a Cling Band with OLED (which is basically a wearable phone much like Motorola’s concept), MicroLED for XR headsets, and more.

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Not everything showcased at the recently concluded MWC 2024 by Samsung Display is practical but it is just Samsung’s way of flexing its OLED and other display technology and their potential applications.

Samsung OLED Car Key
Samsung OLED Headset
Samsung OLED Ball Marker
Samsung Cling Band with OLED

Images: Samsung.