Where to put your phone is an age-old problem since the invention of the phone. It looks like Motorola has a solution and that is wearing it on your wrist. At last week’s Lenovo Tech Week, Motorola revealed what it called the adaptive display concept which is a smartphone that can be worn on your wrist.

Motorola Wrist-wearable Smartphone Concept

Anyhoo, Motorola is continuing its investment in flexible display technology and devices with a new conceptual device featuring an FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped for various user needs. This adaptive display concept builds upon innovations in foldable and rollable devices in both smartphone and PC categories.

It can transform from a standard Android phone to a wrist-worn device or various stand modes, providing adaptability to different scenarios. When flat, the 6.9″ display runs a full Android experience, while in an upright position, it offers a compact 4.6″ display experience. Users can even wrap it around their wrist for on-the-go connectivity, similar to the external display on the Motorola Razr+.

Motorola is also exploring AI to enhance device customization with a generative AI model that enables users to upload or capture outfit images for AI-generated custom wallpapers. 

Motorola Wrist-wearable Smartphone Concept

MotoAI is a personal assistant being developed for both PCs and smartphones, offering natural voice or text interaction with a focus on user privacy. It processes data and tasks locally on the device, ensuring enhanced data privacy and personalization over time.

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Another concept is the AI-enhanced Mobile Doc Scan, which improves document scanning by reducing wrinkles and shadows for clearer images.

Motorola is also dedicated to boosting productivity with AI Text Summarization, which condenses long-form content into key messages for quick comprehension.

Motorola Wrist-wearable Smartphone Concept

Lastly, the Privacy Content Obfuscation concept uses AI to protect user data by identifying and blurring profile pictures and names in social posts. Motorola continues to push boundaries with these innovative concepts.

But Motorola isn’t the only company that envisioned a wearable phone; TCL had proposed the idea of a wrist-wearable device back in 2019 too. However, we are not clear what happens to this ambitious project. So, at this point, it looks like Motorola is the only company that has a working prototype.

Images: Motorola.

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