Vivo’s Concept Phone Has A Pop-up Camera That Can Be Removed For Remote Image Capturing

Vivo, the granddaddy of pop-up front-facing camera, is not done with the pop-up camera yet. It was recently revealed that it is taking the pop-up camera further. How? By making it detachable.

OP-S Is A Concept Smartphone That Marries A Synthesizer With A Smartphone

Teenage Engineering have made composing synthesized tunes on-the-go a thing. Now, a concept design from Madrid-based studio, GRIS Design, takes that idea to the next level with OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone.

Vivo Apex 2020 Concept Smartphone Has One Design Feature That Apple Is Working Towards

Another year, another concept phone. Vivo has revealed a new Apex concept smartphone and like the 2018 and 2019 concepts, the Vivo Apex 2020 Concept is as bold in the innovation front. It has one key feature that Apple is striving to achieve and that is, a device that is void of ports and holes.

Forget About Waterfall Display, Xiaomi Mix Alpha Has Wraparound Display!

Waterfall display will be a hype in the smartphone industry, but apparently Xiaomi has a more ambitious plan. The smartphone maker has unveiled a smartphone with a display that goes beyond extreme curves; it literally has wraparound display. I am not even kidding.

Google Pixel 4 Renders Surfaced And Now We Have More Questions

If Google’s new found tradition of unveiling new Pixel phone in October remain unchanged, it will be roughly another 7 months before will we get to see the new device. But this being the age of leaks, we are already picking up tidbits and even supposedly leaked CAD models that tickles our imagination. So, it […]

As Apple Files Folding Display Patent, A Designer Imagine What A Folding iPhone Will Look Like

Pop up camera, hole-punched camera, under display fingerprint scanner. None of those smartphone features seem to interest Apple. But the folding display seems to pique Apple interests as it has been revealed that the Cupertino tech giant is working on a new technology to enable durable folding display. In the patent filed, Apple detailed how […]

Meizu Unveiled Groundbreaking Button-less And Port-less Smartphone

Looks like Vivo isn’t the only China handset maker that is shaking up the smartphone industry. Meizu is doing so, starting with a very futuristic smartphone called Meizu Zero. If you need a definition of futuristic design, Meizu Zero would be it. Proudly billed as a “hole-less phone,” this device is the first handset to […]

Vivo’s New Concept Smartphone Is 5G, Has Magnetic Port And Full Display Fingerprint Scanner

With so many innovations under its belt, I wonder why China’s handset maker Vivo hasn’t gotten more attention. The brand shook the smartphone industry with the world’s first under display fingerprint scanner, then proceeds to further rock the industry with a pop-up camera bezel-less smartphone that has half-display fingerprint scanner, and now, it is prepping […]

Video Of The Samsung Folding Screen Phone Will Make You Drool

Since last year, we have all heard Samsung is going to have a folding screen smartphone. Following the rumor, Netherlands’ phones and tablets comparison website, Nieuwe Mobiel, let their imagination run wild with a, well, wild concept and then, last week Samsung let the world in on its official take, a prototype that is far […]