PHANTOM Ultimate Rollable Smartphone Concept

Another in case you missed it news. Just before the launch of the PHANTOM V Flip, TECNO has unveiled an exciting concept phone under its premium sub-brand PHANTOM. Dubbed the PHANTOM Ultimate, it is a groundbreaking rollable smartphone concept following its foldable predecessor.

PHANTOM Ultimate Rollable Smartphone Concept

This innovation showcases a rapid screen expansion from 6.55 inches to 7.11 inches in just 1.2-1.3 seconds, thanks to its advanced single-drive motor system.

The concept features a unique double-sided display, offering a seamless On-cell AMOLED screen with high resolution, variable brightness, and a smart-adapting refresh rate for an exceptional viewing experience.

The PHANTOM Ultimate is designed with user experience in mind, featuring an ultra-slim, ergonomic design that facilitates easy handling and a stylish, asymmetric book-roll form for secure operation.

PHANTOM Ultimate Rollable Smartphone Concept

It also introduces software enhancements for a dynamic and smooth interface. This concept underscores TECNO’s commitment to innovation, emphasizing its vision for the future of mobile technology with a focus on premium, flagship experiences.

The PHANTOM Ultimate Rollable Smartphone Concept remains a concept with no hint of when it will be launched and for how much. It is worth noting that this is not the first rollable screen gadget.

Oppo and TCL have shown off their respective concepts, while Samsung is also working on a rollable screen computer. Meanwhile, a rollable screen device in the form of a TV is already to buy from LG.

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Images: TECNO.