After making smartphones with a big display in a relatively compact factor (i.e. folding phones) a norm, Samsung now wants to do the same for PC too. At the recent Intel Innovation 2022 Keynote, Dr. JS Choi, president and CEO of Samsung Display, showed off “the world’s first 17-inch slidable display for PCs globally.”

Samsung Show Off 17-inch Slidable Display

In a brief presentation during a segment on user experience, Dr. Choi presented a 13-inch display with a static image that can expand horizontally to 17 inches. The display is developed for tablet-like form factor PC such as the Microsoft Surface Go 3.

However, beyond its ability to expand, details such as resolution, brightness, and whatnot, aren’t disclosed.

This isn’t the first for Samsung, though. Back in May, the electronics giant also demoed a 6.7-inch slidable OLED display that extends vertically. In either case, they are essentially rollable displays but clearly, Samsung has no intention of calling it since the term rollable display has already been used by LG, Oppo, and TCL.

Samsung Show Off 17-inch Slidable Display

Save for LG which directs its rollable display technology to TVs after shutting down its smartphone operations, the expandable display we have seen so far are destined for use on smartphones.

Images: Intel.

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