bezel-less design may not be all that practical for handheld touchscreen devices (we all know why, don’t we?), but it certainly makes a lot of aesthetic sense for HDTVs. surprisingly, even with the obsession with thinning bezel, today’s HDTVs still have them – until now. though we wouldn’t say the Philips DesignLine LED HDTV is completely frameless, but at least it doesn’t have any visible when the TV is turned off. when it is not presenting you with glorious full HD visuals, what you see is merely a piece of gorgeous glass and thanks to its ingenious design, it can be hung on the wall, stand on itself or lean against the wall like an exquisite art piece. so it is a design marvel? probably not exactly, but it is certainly an object of desire for many who treasures style as much as the technology that goes into this piece of gadget. some of the features it holds beneath that beautiful gradient mirror includes built-in WiFi for connecting to home wireless network (along with an Ethernet port), access to online apps, a full HD LED panel with active 3D functionality, three-sided ambilight (Philips’ ambient lighting for TV), and a SimplyShare feature that allows you to share content from your TV with your smart devices and vice versa. we know. a TV like this sound as if it is too good to be true. fortunately, it is not. the Philips DesignLine LED HDTV is expected to be available in 46- and 55-inch forms in Europe and Russia sometime in quarter two this year. though there’s no indication on the pricing or its availability outside of those two markets.

TP Vision/Philips UK via Engadget

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