not everyone is born with the knack of dealing with complex setup required by some audio systems, but luckily for the general masses who can afford to dole out some decent money, there are the Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems that lets you enjoy the signature audio bliss Bose is known for, without becoming a mad scientist. and just to be sure they have every possible segment of music lovers covered, Bose has introduced not one, not two, but three such systems, and they are: the SoundTouch 30 that will have your largest room covered and possibly serves as your home’s main music system; the SoundTouch 20 for bedrooms, kitchen or other mid-size rooms; and the SoundTouch Portable that shrinks things down a little and slapped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the on-the-go full-range audio enjoyment. the SoundTouch technology will eventually propagates to include Bose mainstay, the Wave music system, with other new SoundTouch systems joining the lineup early next year.

so why make everything SoundTouch? because it will let you start from any of the SoundTouch system and add other SoundTouch system for a multi-room experience, letting you play the same music in every room, or different tunes in different rooms. whichever model you choose, all SoundTouch offers music streaming at the touch of a button, control through smartphone, tablet or computer with an app, six presets customizable to the different audio sources, and as a boon for iDevice users, all SoundTouch music systems are AirPlay enabled. since these WiFi music systems can be app-controlled, Bose has dispensed with standard issue remote. however, if really need a remote, there’s a SoundTouch controller being offered as an accessory that will work across all SoundTouch systems. prices for the Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems start at $399.95 and are available now in North America, Europe, as well as Asia-Pacific.

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