Yeah. The Dim Mak x Arcade1UP Street Fighter II Countercade is gone. We should have posted this when we saw it last week. Then again, at just US$199 per unit and only 30 units to go around, this arcade cabinet from Arcade1UP, produced in collaboration with Steve Aoki and Dim Mak, would have sold out in a jiffy anyways.

There are a few things that made this tabletop arcade so desirable. The first-ever 2-player counter-cade to be released, this special arcade cabinet features exclusive limited edition Steve Aoki collaborated side art, and Dim Mak inspired Marquee.

Dim Mak x Arcade1UP Street Fighter II Countercade

And then, there’s, of course, the video games which the cabinet boasts four Capcom Licensed games: Street Fighter II: World Warriors, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, and Final Fight.

The pre-loaded software features on-screen game selection menu and in-game settings menu. On the technical aspect, it gets an 8-inch color LCD screen, light-up marquee, headphone jack, USB port for control support, full-size real-feel arcade controls, coinless operation, adjustable variable volume, and clear deck protector.

The now-sold out Dim Mak x Arcade1UP Street Fighter II Countercade is destined to ship in May 2021.

Images: Dim Mak.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.

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  1. Sorry I’m realy pissed off why in the hell would they only make 30 Street Fighter countercade that’s bum as fuck or they just lazy it dont make since at all wack as hell man stupid they need to make more man 30 more or something I’m out 😡

  2. I’m realy up set why would they only make 30 streetfighter countercade sorry that’s realy dum man wack I think they was just being lazy they should make more this is wack man 😒

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