Headphone designs almost always revolved around the same circular or elliptical design, or in somewhat rather rare cases, in rectangular form. After seeing the norm all these while, it is refreshing to see this design from current Logitech industrial designer Erick Yongook Guack. We noticed Erick posted this boxy cans way back in 2012 and it was apparently designed for Lenovo, Hong Kong and likely, never saw the light of production.

Lenovo Sound Cube Wireless Headphone

Seriously, I can’t see why it didn’t made it to a real product. Could we have missed it? After all, this designed was indicated “April 2012” and only posted by Erick on Behance in 2016. There is no description accompanying this radical headphone design, but from the handful of images, it is clear that the cups were inspired by a folding cube. Its unconventional design is not limited to the cups; even the ear pads are not the usual round form; it appeared to be hexagonal.

Lenovo Sound Cube Wireless Headphone

The designer had kept everything as straight as possible. If human’s head were square, I bet he would have given the headband a square form too. As the product name implies, this pair of cans is a wireless and as the images suggest, it has provision for wired experience, but it place of USB for charging, it has contact pins for contact charging. A switch was seamlessly integrated on the left side can. No idea about the control. I am guess, if this was a real product, it would have gestures control on either cup. It may be a design from 2012, it is no less bold in 2018.

Images: Erick Yongook Guack.

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Source: Yanko Design.

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