Capcom Announced Home Arcade Stick With 16 Pre-loaded Classic Titles

If you reminisce the good’ol time you had at your local arcade (with the pixelated video games, not the Flash Dance girls), then I am 101 percent sure you will dig the Capcom Home Arcade video game system as much as I do. Announced by Capcom UK via Twitter, the Capcom Home Arcade is essentially […]

Upcoming Devil May Cry 5 Has The Most Exorbitantly Priced Bundles

Game bundle is not new, but what’s new is how much game bundle can cost. You must be thinking: “how expensive can a video game with bunch of other items can get right?” Well, let me tell you this: the new reality is, it can get very, very expensive. So expensive that I would even […]

Capcom Announced Monster Hunter: World iPhone Cases By GILD Design

If you have not been living deep under the Earth crust, you will probably known that Monster Hunter: World is the biggest thing in video games this year. A Capcom title, this action role-playing game (RPG) has since shipped 6 million copies worldwide in a short span of just two weeks, and that’s not including […]

Buy A Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition, Get A Mansion That Plays Music

Sounds like a super deal right? Well, no. The ‘mansion’ that comes with the Resident Evil 7 biohazard Collector’s Edition is not a real residence which you can reside. Even if it was real, I am sure it does come with a horde of undead, which may not be a good idea. Anyways, this $179.99 […]

Capcom To Sell Fragrance Inspired By Resident Evil’s Deadly T-Virus

Regardless of how immersive a game or movie maybe, there’s always an element that is missing and that’s the smell. Imagine cutting through a horde of zombies and not knowing how the walking dead smells like is short of being immersive, well, if that’s your kind of thing… But apparently, Capcom, the legendary game company […]