Devil May Cry 5 Jacket Bundle

Game bundle is not new, but what’s new is how much game bundle can cost. You must be thinking: “how expensive can a video game with bunch of other items can get right?” Well, let me tell you this: the new reality is, it can get very, very expensive. So expensive that I would even brand it ‘exorbitant’ and this ‘exorbitant’ honor now goes to Capcom’s “Ultra Limited Edition” Devil May Cry 5 Dante Bundle. And how much is that? It is not under 100 for sure.

Devil May Cry 5 Jacket Bundle

In fact, it isn’t hundreds even; it is, wait for it… a hefty 900,000 yen plus tax, or a little under 8,000 American dollars before tax. That is not a typo, btw. That’s how much it costs. What you are witnessing here is a four-figure sum video game bundle that comes with a copy of the game, an interchangeable box art, and a leather Dante jacket based on the piece worn by the video game’s motion actor. If you are feeling the pinch, or if Dante isn’t really your hero, there are two other Ultra Limited Edition bundles, namely Nero and V, that are a tad less pricey.

Devil May Cry 5 Jacket Bundle

‘Less pricey’, though, does not mean they are anywhere affordable in the gaming realm; they still command a princely sum of 750,000 yen plus tax (or US$6,665 plus tax) and 600,000 yen before tax (about US$5,331+) for the Nero and the V bundle, respectively. Now, that’s holy shit right there. I never imagine in my life buying a game bundle would be this pricey. If you ask me, it is even excessive for the jacket alone, Devil May Cry 5 or not. But hey, nobody is going to stop you if you want to buy a car and wear it on yourself. So, go ahead and knock yourself out… if you are in Japan, which is where these Ultra Limited Edition bundles will be available.

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No words of them getting out of the Land of the Rising Sun for now. And oh, a little neat feature about the Nero jacket… it apparently has a choice of sporting a damaged sleeve or not. If those are still way too much for your ailing bank account, there are other non-Ultra Limited Edition bundles too. If you down, you can check it out HERE, but you do need to read Japanese in order to comprehend the details. Pre-order for the Devil May Cry 5 bundles is between October 22 and November 19. In case you missed it, below is the reveal trailer of the video game.

Images: Capcom.

Source: Kotaku.