Never mind if we did not ask to vilify the super adorable superstar of The Mandalorian, The Child aka Baby Yoda (who is not actually the young Yoda) because, Pinhead Baby Yoda is a thing.

Pinhead Baby Yoda Mini Statue

Based on a model created by a HEX3D pattern, the Pinhead Baby Yoda Mini Statue is The Child as the Hell Priest from the cult horror franchise, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser from 1987.

So, yeah, Baby Yoda is not as adorable anymore, but somehow, this 4-inch tall Baby Yoda from Hell’s pinhead, grisly pale skin detailing with bloodied scars, devilish nails, and super villain’s requisite leather dress make it kind of alluring. OK. May be alluring to me only because, I am morbid. I won’t try to deny that. But no. I do not have a soft spot for the soul sucker.

Pinhead Baby Yoda Mini Statue is like the mogwai that turned into Gremlins. They look ugly as hell, but still hell lot of fun (get it, get it?). After all, he is carrying with him the Hellraiser Lament Configuration which should be fun because, going to another dimension or plane of existence is fun, right?

Collectors and fans can pick up the completed statue from Mountain Ape as a pre-order for £45 (about US$61), or if you prefer to paint it yourself, you can get the unpainted resin kit from 3D Print Merc Mart for US$50.

Images: Mountain Ape.

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Source: Dude.

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