Well, here is an Ultraman collectible figure that only the biggest fan will want to own. Celebrating 50 years of Return of Ultraman which was aired on April 2, 1971 (and ran till March 31, 1972) and commemorating the Spring Great Kaiju Festival 2021 (yup, it’s a thing, alright) is this Return of Ultraman Metallic Orange Version figure by Shonen Ric.

Return of Ultraman Metallic Orange Version

The figure was based on the 70s series which sparked a second “Kaiju Boom” in Japan. I believe it was based specifically on Episode 37 where there was a sunset battle with a couple of Kaiju scene. I could be wrong.

Anyways, the figure is painted in metallic orange to replica gigantic alien superhero bathed in the setting sun. Basically, that is all there is to it and hence, it is kind of a thing for diehard fans.

The figure stands about 24 cm (9.44 inches) tall and it made out of PVC. Each figure comes with its own MBS material pedestal.

The Return of Ultraman Metallic Orange Version [JP] is a Japan Exclusive item scheduled to ship in June 2021.

Return of Ultraman Metallic Orange Version

Shonen Ric Japan is taking pre-order for the figure from March 12, 12PM to March 30, 5PM, Japan time. The asking price is 10,000 yen which works out to be around US$92 based on today’s going rate.

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Images: Shonen-Ric [JP].

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