Good news, arcade cabinet enthusiasts. The 80s platform arcade game, Bubble Bobble is backed where it should be: arcade cabinet and you can own one without a whole lot of space too.

Official Bubble Bobble Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet

Because, it is now quarter size. Everyone, meet the Official Bubble Bobble 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet, an officially licensed, fully playable, authentic quarter scale replica of the original arcade.

Features include real wood and metal details, light-up marquee, and genuine arcade joysticks and buttons – albeit a little smaller.

Coming from Numskull and developed in close collaboration with TAITO, this official miniature version of the original cabinet also boasts original artwork pulled straight from its creator, TAITO.

It lets you play the original arcade ROM that runs on a bespoke emulator and feature a rechargeable battery, allowing you take it on-the-go and play whenever, wherever you so choose to.

The is the number 8 in the series of quarter arcade from Numskull, joining the likes of Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter-scale Arcade Cabinet.

The Official Bubble Bobble 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet can be had for US$149.99 from online retailers like Just Geek.

Official Bubble Bobble Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet

Images: Numskull.

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