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A Maze: An Artful Play Of Arcade You Have Never Seen Before

What you see here is an arcade machine that is worthy of an art piece. OK. It is an arcade machine per se. It is art first, arcade second and it is not quite the Oh You Ken kind of arcade. This arcade, called “A Maze,” is the work of art by artist Marco Iannicelli and it is very analog. Like 100 percent analog, save for the electric motor that is use to manipulate the 7 concentric rings maze atop. It sits a minimalist frame in black, presumably as a contrast to the star of the show, the maze. Continue reading A Maze: An Artful Play Of Arcade You Have Never Seen Before

Playcade Will Turn Your Game Console Into Tabletop Retro Arcade Rig

Good news, side-scrolling game fans, you can finally play your favorite fight game in true arcade style, regardless of your preferred platform – thanks to Singapore-based Re Arcade’s Playcade, a purpose designed cabinet kit that allows you to turn your old PC, laptop, consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, into an arcade cabinet with essential arcade accessories including buttons, joysticks and even light up faux coin slots for that authentic touch. And the best part is, it won’t eat a whole of space, as it goes right onto your table top. The gratification here is, of course, the joy of playing a game of Metal Slug or the classic Street Fighter with authentic joystick and buttons. Continue reading Playcade Will Turn Your Game Console Into Tabletop Retro Arcade Rig

Cupcade: Raspberry Pi-powered Micro Arcade Cabinet Kit

classic arcade games given a 21st century makeover can never be as authentic, so why not built yourself one real arcade cabinet that let you enjoy classics like Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, DigDug and more? too much hassle and too technical we hear you say? then why not start small, like really, really small, which you can do so with the Cupcade: Raspberry Pi-powered Micro Arcade Cabinet Kit? fresh from Adafruit, this kit has everything (almost) you need to put together an arcade machine which easily slips into your back for your retro gaming fix while on the go. key features include Adafruit’s PiTFT 2.8-inch display boasting 320 x 420 resolution, mini thumbstick and mini arcade push buttons, plus a whole bunch of components necessary to put together one lusty-worthy micro arcade cabinet. Continue reading Cupcade: Raspberry Pi-powered Micro Arcade Cabinet Kit

Replay Arcade

Replay Arcade
Replay Arcade | US$PoA | tom-goodfellow.tumblr.com

we just couldn’t get enough of the slot coin-operated, old school arcade machines, don’t we? never mind the fact that the resolution was on the extreme opposite end of today’s hi-definition graphics (read: pixelated) – it is the game play that had once captured our adolescent imaginations. decades on and we still fondly remember those coin-slotting hours that we had spent on those machines, braving the nagging by parents and sacrificing the pocket money we had for lunch. sounds like you? then you might be interested in this modern day iteration by one Tom Goodfellow Continue reading Replay Arcade

iCade Jr. Arcade-style Controller for iPhone

iCade Jr. Arcade-style Controller for iPhone
(photos: ION Audio) iCade Jr. | US$tba | www.ionaudio.com

playing retro games on your iPhone is a refreshing change but the lack of the iconic physical controls, plus the 21st century metal-and-glass combo just don’t make the retro-gaming experience feel as authentic, unless you have a matching retro arcade cabinet to go with it. the iPad has it and so should iPhones and the iPod Touches. meet the iCade Jr., the shrunk down iCade cabinet designed specifically for your iPhone and iPod Touch. like its larger sibling, it is styled like your favorite retro arcade cabinet and comes complete with eight buttons (four front and four back) and an arcade-style joystick that grant you control to more than 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede and Pac-Mac. Continue reading iCade Jr. Arcade-style Controller for iPhone

limited edition BeSpoke Arcades x SHOK-1 Art-cade

Bespoke Arcades Art-cade 544x528px
(credit: BeSpoke Arcades) Limited Edition BeSpoke Art-cade Machine | £auction | www.bespoke-arcades.co.uk

if you happens to reside in UK, who loves arcade gaming (with the cabinet intact) and have huge pockets, then may we suggest this one-off limited edition arcade machine for your collection? this arcade gaming machine, aptly dubbed Art-cade, was created by UK arcade machine specialist BeSpoke Arcades, in collaboration with street artist SHOK-1, specifically for the benefit of the Japan Tsunami Relief effort and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the British Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund. aesthetically, the arcade cabinet is adorned with artist SHOK-1’s artwork and protected by a layer of durable plastic lacquer. Continue reading limited edition BeSpoke Arcades x SHOK-1 Art-cade

Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Taito InvaderCade 544x588px
(credit: Taito) Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad | ¥15,800.00 | www.taito.com

if you find that ThinkGeek’s iCade arcade cabinet for iPad is not authentic enough, then how about one from the veteran of arcade gaming, Taito, who’s best known for the arcade game Space Invaders? aptly dubbed as the InvaderCade, this official Taito product sports a single button and the familiar ball-top joystick for controls as opposed to iCade’s two buttons, which is geared towards Atari game. speaking of which, Atari also did announced something of sort but it’s more of a joystick dock than anything else. the InvaderCade is equipment with built-in speakers for some audio amplification and a headphone audio jack for those more personal gaming moments. when not used for gaming, the cabinet also doubles as a stand and charges your iPad when it is docked. Continue reading Taito InvaderCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

GBA-based miniature Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

Miniature Space Invaders Arcade Machine 544x308px
first, a good news for all Space Invaders fans – there’s actually a Space Invaders arcade machine that doesn’t requires a chunk of space in your room. now, the bad news. it is not for sale. created by one YouTube user ‘vcoleiro1’, this tiny arcade machine is based on GBA (in case you didn’t know, that’s Game Boy Advanced) and measures a diminutive 7-inches tall, 3.5-inches wide and 4.5-inches deep (178 x 89 x 114-mm). the cabinet was constructed from 6-mm MDF board, and features a opening back that allows for swapping of the game cartridge. Continue reading GBA-based miniature Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet

beautiful Tiny Skeeball Machine is now up for auction [video]

Tiny Skeeball Machine 544x368px
(credit: 460studios / Samuel Seide)

this is one Skeeball Machine that you can take home without occupying a huge chunk of your space. designed and hand built by one Samuel Seide and constructed from MDF board, steel, PVC, plexiglass, along with a whole lot of custom electronic works (including an Arduino), this tiny Skeeball Machine is a shrunken version of the Skeeball Machine you see in any arcade and plays like one too. it even have an electronic score board as well as ticket dispenser. check out the intro video of the tiny Skeeball Machine after the break. Continue reading beautiful Tiny Skeeball Machine is now up for auction

La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac

La Boite Concept La Premiere - Yellow & White Premiere 544x311px
(image credit: La Boite) La Boite Concept La Premiere | US$PoA | www.laboiteconcept.com

remember La Boite Concept? the French firm that gives you the beautiful laptop speaker table? well, they are back with something retro-licious and fun. this time a one-piece stereophonic unit, dubbed La Premiere, with a design inspired by the arcade machine cabinet. on the sound department, it has a single unit three-way stereo loudspeaker which includes two 10-inch carbon subwoofers, two 5-inch fiberglass midrange drivers and two soft dome tweeters. Continue reading La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac