EGRET II mini 40-in-1 Tabletop Arcade

TAITO was known for many games in its heydays. Among them were games like Puzzle Bobble aka Bust-a-Move, Arkanoid, and the undisputed icons of the 70s arcade Space Invaders which have influenced a bunch of merch like board games, posters, and even a luxury watch. These games, which were childhood memories for many, are now available in one machine: the ININ EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition.

EGRET II mini 40-in-1 Tabletop Arcade

EGRET II mini is a 40-in-1 tabletop arcade cabinet that is described as “nostalgically new” and it really is because it is retro and at the same time very contemporary, tech-wise.

It has a rotatable screen, allowing you to play horizontally or vertically, an 8 or 4 directions adjustable joystick, an SD card slot for loading more games, and an optional, special paddle and trackball controller. The display is a 5-inch 4:3 aspect ratio monitor that offers 1,024 by 768 resolution.

Other features include a 6-button arcade layout and joystick, HDMI output for playing the games on TV, two USB Type-A controller ports for additional EGRET II mini controllers (optional), integrated stereo speakers, and special in-game features like save states, adjustable lives, and rapid-fire.

The ININ EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition is available to order now from Games Rocket and Strictly Limited with a starting price of €199.99 (around US$207). You may want to act on it fast if you really want one because it has a limited run of 5,000 units.

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All images courtesy of ININ Games.