here is something that may appeal to Bruce Lee’s fans: a Bruce Lee-themed Playstation 4. unlike the regular PS4 which comes in either black or white, this Bruce Lee Edition of the 4th-gen Playstation Game Console comes dressed in the iconic yellow with black accent as a tribute to the master of mix martial’s one-piece yellow sports suit with black stripes which he wore on the action flick, Game of Death. we are not sure if it was the lighting, but the lone photo of this alleged official set doesn’t quite look like yellow and no, none of us are color blind, but still, it is a refreshing change to the usual black or more recently, white item. it appears that the set is in someway linked to EA Sports’ new ultra realistic fighting game ‘UFC’ which happens to feature the martial art legend as one of the playable character.

the lone product image also shows a copy of the game itself and the hardware also sports a couple of graphics, including a huge EA Sports branding (in black, naturally) and the master’s famous ‘flying kick’ silhouette against a brush stroke-like background, presumably resembling the brush stroke from Chinese calligraphy. the set was also shown with a matching PS4 controller. that’s about all we know about this Bruce Lee Edition Playstation 4. so where can you get one? well, we are not entirely sure if this would eventually become a PS4-UFC bundle, but for now, one lucky Bruce Lee’s fan who also happens to adore former King of the Ring, Mike Tyson, will be have a shot at grabbing this set for free. how so? according to the former boxing champion Mike Tyson, all you need to do is to like, comment or share this particular timeline photo on his Facebook page, you will have a chance to win it. no mention of any elaborate presentation for the lucky winner though – if that’s what you are thinking.

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how did Tyson ends up with one such awesomeness in his possession is anybody’s guess. all you need to know is that you have the same equal odds as anybody else to get this without paying a dime. so what are you waiting for? scuttle down to Mike Tyson’s Facebook page and start fulfilling the criteria, and keep your fingers crossed. good luck, folks.

Facebook via Ubergizmo

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