It’s Official. It Is The End Of The Road For Sony Playstation Vita

It looks like smartphone has claimed another victim: Sony Playstation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s portable gaming device which was just in its 2nd generation. To be fair, smartphone hasn’t really caused any real “fatality” until now. PS Vita may be the first to be directly affected by the surge of mobile gaming on smartphone and […]

Apparent New Playstation 4 Slim Appeared On Auction Site, But Is It Real?

If you are hoping to get your hands on a supposed new Playstation 4 Slim way before Playstation Meeting, well, we have news for you. First, it is gone, or to be exact, the ad was removed and second, I personally doubt its authenticity. Though it is known that Sony will be releasing a competing […]

Now You Can Watch Videos Bought On Playstation On Your Android Devices

Mobile is a big part of most people’s life and hence, it makes no sense Playstation users can’t watch movies they acquired on the console on their mobile. Seriously, not everyone wants to binge watch Game of Thrones in their living; sometimes folks may prefer the comfort of their beds… and without their parents. Anywho, […]

Miss Out On The Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Edition? Well, Now You Can Have A Shot In Winning One

I am sure Playstation fans will recall the beautiful, but hard to obtain Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Edition. Well, if you missed it and chances you have, fret not. Playstation Europe is now giving you a chance to win one of the four available units. But not without a catch: the contest is only open […]

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition is a Sell Out, But Colette Paris Will Have 500 Units for In-store Purchase

December 3, 1994 was a significant day in the history of gaming. It was the day and year of the launch of the original Playstation which yours truly happened to had one. Man, am I that old already? 20 years on, the world famous, if not the most iconic game console, has heralded four generations […]

Playstation 4 Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition Gets A Slop Of Slime ‘Dripping’ Over Its Edge

as far aesthetic is concern, we didn’t think there is anything wrong with the Playstation 4 but even so, occasional color tweaks are still welcomed, which you can get through custom skins such as those from Balolo or have a custom paint job done by Colorware or simply wait for some special editions to hit […]

You Can Get This Playstation 4 Bruce Lee Edition For Free

here is something that may appeal to Bruce Lee’s fans: a Bruce Lee-themed Playstation 4. unlike the regular PS4 which comes in either black or white, this Bruce Lee Edition of the 4th-gen Playstation Game Console comes dressed in the iconic yellow with black accent as a tribute to the master of mix martial’s one-piece […]

Playstation TV Heading To U.S. This Fall, Priced At $99

previously only available to lucky folks in the Land of the Rising Sun, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Playstation TV is finally heading to the U.S. for $99. scheduled to hit the stores this Fall, which means it is sure to make it to many people’s holiday gifting list. the whole idea behind Playstation TV is to […]

Project Morpheus Head Mounted Display

if you ask me, first person games are considered very immersive. at least, we know we often get lost inside the game and couldn’t care less about what’s the happening around us. however, to President of SCE Worldwide Studios, Shu Yoshida, FPS is good but could be made better if virtually reality is in the mix, and hence…

Colorware Playstation 4

if you are getting too involved in your Playstation, then you might want to take your man-console relationship to the next level by giving it a customized look. while there are yet to have a diorama-covered example (which we doubt would be practical due the heat dissipation issue, btw), color customization offered by Colorware would…