Mobile is a big part of most people’s life and hence, it makes no sense Playstation users can’t watch movies they acquired on the console on their mobile. Seriously, not everyone wants to binge watch Game of Thrones in their living; sometimes folks may prefer the comfort of their beds… and without their parents. Anywho, that changes this week (or at least for Android users), when Playstation announced the availability of the Playstation Video App for Android phones and tablets. The app not only allows to stream previously purchased videos from Playstation Store, but also lets you buy new movies and TV shows right on your smartphone or tablet (think Netflix).

Original contents like Powers, The Hateful Eight, Concussion, and Point Break, are also available for purchase through the app and depending on the titles, you can have the option of renting or buying them. Clearly, the movies and TV shows streaming market is too big for Sony to ignore and hence, the move to allow Playstation users to view movies and TV shows bought from the Playstation Store. Will this entice more spending and give a boost to Sony Entertainment’s bottomline? Probably.

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