Traveling musicians with a guitar on their back looks cool, but what these people didn’t tell you is, how their lovely instrument is susceptible to damage while on-the-road and that’s not to mention that it is cumbersome as hell. These nagging issues relating to traveling with guitar gave birth to (probably) the first hybrid carbon fiber body/wood neck guitar called KLOS Guitar. The guitar, which sports a less bulky form than traditional acoustic guitar, hits Kickstarter last year. A year on, the brothers behind KLOS Guitar, Ian and Adam Klosowiak, is back with a second version that is said to be lighter, stronger and even better sounding.

But why carbon fiber? Well, why not? CF is being used in punishing sports like motor racing and in aerospace, thus the material has proven that it is incredibly strong, durable, super lightweight and looks super sleek in its raw form. And as the brothers found out, CF delivers pretty stunning acoustics too. Don’t believe? Hear it for yourself in the embedded video below.

But how strong carbon fiber KLOS Guitar? The brothers have subjected KLOS guitar to some gut-wrenching tests that would make any guitar cringe and it includes putting it through a baseball game, a golf game and paddles a boat. Not that anyone would put paddle a boat with a guitar or hit a baseball, but it goes to show how durable it is (keeping in mind it is an acoustic guitar) which naturally translates to its ability to take the toll of traveling. And traveling is what KLOS Guitars 2.0 is designed – thanks to its compact-than-usual size and if required, it can even be broken down to body and neck to fit into a backpack, or tight storage.

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KLOS Guitars 2.0 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

KLOS Guitars has once again hit up Kickstarter where you can pre-order the KLOS Guitars 2.0 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar for $499-$599, depending on how soon you back the campaign. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign gets funded, which it definitely will, you can expect this beautiful string instrument to be at your doorstep as soon as October 2016.

KLOS Guitars 2.0 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

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