If Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers (we call them super slashers) and the likes were to sit down and have a game, the Mixtape Massacre Horror Themed Board Game would be it. As the product name suggests, this is clearly not a family get together game. In fact, its creator, Bright Light Media, did give it a rating of 17+ and so this is definitely not for kids. Instead of competing to see who retires first or becoming a tycoon using convincing fake money and credit cards, this 80s horror films-inspired board game is all about who slashes more poor victims. It’s a 2-6 players game and each player gets to choose from one of the eight horror archetypes whom they want to have a killer time (pun absolutely intended). The game plays out in 1986, in a small town of Tall Oaks with one key objective: who has the most body count. Duh. What else could it be?

Mixtape Massacre Horror Themed Board Game
Who would you rather be?

Players will also have the opportunity to get rid of the competitions (i.e. fellow murderers) in a “versus mode”. While killer wannabes play out their psycho maniac fantasy, they are also treated to references and jokes to familiar 80s music, films and pop culture icons. The board game includes a 20 x 20 inch town of Tall Oaks game board, a 6 “die” cut knife player stations with 36 life pegs, 1 regular dice and 3 custom engraved action dice, 8 character standup player pieces, 40 uniquely illustrated “killer scenes, dude” cards, 30 “bonus tracks” chance cards, 60 scene marker/souvenir tokens, 8 double sided character profile cards, 3 bonus scenarios for alternate gameplay and one 4-page full-color instruction manual laying out the how-tos and house rules.

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Mixtape Massacre Horror Themed Board Game is on its last leg of crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where in the next 10 hours, you can secure a set for $60, slated for October delivery. However, not all slasher fans will get to own it. This product is only limited to Australia, Canada, the U.S. and E.U. countries. What??? Not even New Zealand???

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