Well, what do you know? Now even ski boot is connected too. Austrian ski equipment maker Atomic has taken to CES 2019 to debut a “digital skiing concept” which it calls HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED Ski Boot. This next evolution of ski boot is developed in collaboration with biomechanics experts from Salzburg University and Salzburg Research with the intend to give skiers insight to the ski data so they will be able to adjust their skiing technique to improve performance.


While the boot itself looks like any Atomic ski boot, it is what lies inside the liner that makes this ski boot stands out. Tucked away inside the liner are Suunto’s Movesense and force sensors that connects via Bluetooth with the Atomic Connected App, HAWX CONNECTED, to provide a ton of ski-specific data like balance, pressure control, edging, slope angle, turn count, GPS tracking, run count, average speed, top speed, total distance, total vertical and more.


Like many such fitness connected gear, Atomic Connected App lets you compete with your friends, share with the global ski community and set your personal skiing goals. The app also serves as your training log, coach, ski buddy, and it will even offer you perfect inspirational video and a breakdown of your skiing technique the moment you finish each run while simultaneously, logging your results.

Basically, Atomic HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED Ski Boot is the fitness band equivalent, but for skiing, obviously. In other words, slipping on the HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED will be like wearing a fitness band on your feet. No words if Atomic HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED Ski Boot will be available, or how much it will cost if it becomes available. I am going to assume that it will eventually be available here because, why not?

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All images courtesy of Atomic.

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