Plan a Romantic Holiday in 2019

Holidays not only allow you to get away from your everyday life, but they can also provide an opportunity to reconnect with your other half. It allows you both to embrace some quality time together to chat, laugh aloud, and create wonderful memories.

If you want to enjoy a fun, idyllic getaway with your spouse in the near future, find out how to effectively plan a romantic holiday for 2019.

Choose a Tranquil Destination

Choose a Tranquil Destination
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While endless nightclubs can be fun, they are often the opposite of romantic.

Instead, you should look for a destination that offers breathtaking views, glorious beaches, and exquisite architecture, which will provide a stunning backdrop to your romantic break.

Look for a slow-paced, picturesque destination that is filled with atmospheric restaurants and chilled bars to create a trip you’ll reminisce about for many years to come.

Some of the best travel options for couples also include luxurious resorts and boutique hotels, so you can truly pamper yourselves. Before you book anything, have a look at user reviews to check that your dream destination lives up to expectations.

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Find the Perfect Accommodation
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A romantic break should focus solely on you and your partner, which is why you should avoid tourist-laden hotels.

To indulge in utter luxury and relaxation at a tranquil destination, you could browse the many sophisticated villas in Menorca, which will help to sweep your other half off his or her feet.

Not only will a Spanish villa offer a stylish interior, but you and your spouse can take a dip in your very own pool or Jacuzzi.

The stunning Menorca landscape, historic landmarks, and low-key nature will also ensure you both enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Set a Holiday Budget Together

Set a Holiday Budget Together
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If you and your partner are married or split your finances down the middle, it probably will not be an issue to fund a holiday together.

If, however, you are dating or enjoy separate finances, you must figure out your holiday expenses and how you will both divide them before you book a romantic getaway.

While it is not the most romantic of conversations, it can prevent arguments or confusion before or during your trip.

Look for Fun Excursions

Look for Fun Excursions
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Fill your break with fun excursions to ensure you both come away with unforgettable memories, which will help to make your relationship even stronger.

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Do your homework to find fun things to do at your destination, such as scuba diving, hot air balloon rides, mountain climbing, skydiving, or white-water rafting.

However, don’t be tempted to fill your diary with too many activities, which could stop you from slowing things down to chat and just enjoy each other’s company.

Research Romantic Restaurants

Don’t settle for a standard restaurant on a romantic break. Research the best places at your destination to ensure you will both remember an evening in many years to come.

For example, you should look for a restaurant that overlooks the water or mountains or try to reserve a table in a private booth or near a fireplace.

Don’t forget to consider the cuisine, too, as there are many dishes that could add a sprinkle of romance to your evening, such as fondue or tapas.

Surprise Your Other Half At Least Once

Surprise Your Other Half At Least Once
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If you want to ensure your other half feels special during your trip, try to surprise him or her at least once on your getaway. For example, you could:

• Scatter rose petals on the bed and light candles
• Pack a surprise picnic for the beach
• Take your partner on an unexpected trip to a winery
• Present him or her with a thoughtful gift (a luxury watch, locket, or ring)

It is bound to be a highlight of the trip for your partner, as it will prove how well you know them and can express how much you love them.

Unplug Your Electronics Throughout the Trip
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As you have booked a romantic trip to step away from your daily life and connect with each other, make a rule to unplug from all electronics.

This means not answering any phone calls, immediately responding to text messages, or answering emails.

You also should leave posting all holiday photographs on social media until the trip is over. It will ensure you provide each other with your undivided attention.


If you want to embrace a work-free few weeks and enjoy priceless moments with your other half, a romantic getaway could be the perfect way to do so.

It will allow you to take a break from your responsibilities and get to know your partner even more than you already do, which can only help to bring you closer.

So, pick a romantic spot and luxurious accommodation, schedule fun activities into your travel itinerary, and try to sweep your spouse off their feet at least once, which can create an exciting adventure that will be impossible to forget.

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