If you have watched Harry Potter’s movies, you would have know that Hogwarts did indeed have bathrooms. However, it turns out, the school of witchcraft and wizardry used to NOT have bathrooms, revealed Pottermore in a recent Tweet. So, if there weren’t any bathroom, how did Harry Potter’s forebears pissed and pooped? Well, they just did their businesses wherever they stood and then wield their magic to make the human excretion disappears. Don’t ask where the “evidence” went. It had to go somewhere somehow, but I really don’t want to know.

Perhaps it was transported to a secret sewer system (Chamber of Excretions, maybe?) that has no plumbing leading to it and no humans can access, and hence the need for the use of magic. Also, don’t ask how they wipe themselves. I don’t have the answer to that either. However, I do speculate that magic did the wiping part too. Hopefully.

Anyways, I was thinking if that was the method witches and wizards used before the adoption of Muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, why didn’t they take it a step further by making the humanly excretion disappear while its awaiting inside the body to be passed out? I mean, surely that far more hygienic and way less gross, right? I could only imagine the awkwardness when a witch or wizard is standing talking to another and have to shut up momentarily as he/she has to concrete pushing out the goods. And imagine the “aroma” that would have come with it. Ewwww

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Source: Gamespot.

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