Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure

Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure
Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure | US$9.99 |

at this point, the latest Internet sensation PSY should be no stranger to the Internet community – thanks to his hit song ‘Gangnam Style‘ that has hogged the iTunes most downloaded chart’s top spot for the longest time that we can remember. along with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ is the accompanying bold and provocative music video that features the Korean dude’s unique dance moves and his trademark ‘horse dance’ which has been the source of inspiration for many parody videos that has been sweeping YouTube since. speaking of which, that’s probably what PSY will always be remembered for if not, the Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure would serves as a subtle reminder of the famous PSY ‘horse dance’. no kidding, this could be as legendary as the ‘Moon Walk’. the figure features PSY’s trademark snazzy blue tuxe, bow tie, black & white dancing kicks and a bobble-style large head, wrapped off with a pair of cool shades. measuring 3 3/4-inch tall, the Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure is ready to rock your world in January 2013 with a modest $9.99 sticker. if you haven’t already heard ‘Gangnam Style‘ (where have you been, dude?), then scroll down and watch the video embedded below.

Entertainment Earth via Nerd Approved

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