Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter
Lifestraw Personal Water Filter | US$19.95 |

whether you are in the wilderness on your own accord or not, we bet the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter will be your best friend once your clean water source runs out. we know, it do sounds like being a jerk to be ‘a best friend’ only when trouble hits but that’s beside the point. anyway, the Lifestraw is a lifesaving invention by Danish Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and filters up to 1000L of contaminated water, thus allowing you to hydrate yourself with the water you found in the wild without the risk of going a diarrhea spree. this 2oz (57 grams) invention contains no chemicals, batteries and moving parts to wear out and is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure seekers and a handy gadget to have during emergencies which is pretty explains why it was allocated the Time Magazine Invention of the Year. oh, and it has a shelf life of a good five years. the Lifestraw can be yours $19.95 a pop, we mean ‘a straw’… check out a product video and a few product images after the break.

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