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Extreme Off-Road Mobile Home: Mercedes-Benz Zetros With Mobile Home Body

you probably have drooled over the custom Zetros of the two Mongolian businessmen and dream of something of sort. well, it looks like the pointed star marque takes heed and has officially, pulled the bed off the Mercedes-Benz Zetros truck and slapped a mobile home onto it that will provide you with another type of bed – one which you can sleep on. so yes. we are talking about a Zetros-based motor home (or RV, if you prefer), which is currently showing off its stuff at Europe’s leading trade fair for recreational vehicles, the Caravan Show in Düsseldorf. what the Zetros with Mobile Home offers is the extreme off-road capability of a Unimog, but with the load-carrying capacity of a heavy truck. like the Unimog, the Zetros has a cab-behind-engine configuration, which makes for a spacious cab that is not too towering and thus facilitates easy ingress and egress. Continue reading Extreme Off-Road Mobile Home: Mercedes-Benz Zetros With Mobile Home Body

Crovel Extreme II

back in 2011, we opened our eyes to realize that a shovel could be a multi-tool too. needless to say, we were absolutely impressed. fast forward to today, the same company that gives you that Swiss Army knives of shovel, the Crovel (Crowbar + Shovel hybrid) has an improved version, aptly named Crovel Extreme II. we shall not dwell into the differences between the original and new iteration, and jump straight into what the Crovel Extreme II has to offer for camping/survival enthusiasts. first and foremost, it has a new 4140 Chromoly Alloy shovel head that incorporates precision sharpened edges, saw tooth edge, and the obligatory, bottle opener – now in a new location. Continue reading Crovel Extreme II

Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle

not everyone is keen in drinking right off a stream, which the original LifeStraw offers. we are guessing, if you are roaming in the wild, you probably want to be able to bring that ‘stream’ with you or at least, top it up in a bottle. this is where the Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle comes in. it combines the best of what the LifeStraw has to offer, i.e. removing bacteria, protozoan parasites and turbidity from contaminated water and gives you portable water to keep yourself hydrated, with a durable water bottle for you to consume on-the-go. all you have to do is to scoop the water from a river or pond, screw the lid back on and you are good to go. Continue reading Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle

Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

now that we have all grown up, we should be all aware that Santa is a folklore, a legend of sort, which becomes the figment of imagination of every child. however, if you still do believe in Santa more than Franklin Benjamin and Toys’ R Us, then the Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet is the perfect cache of equipment and tools necessary for staking out Santa this Christmas to prove that Santa is not an imagination that doesn’t go away with age. with this kit, you will get a whopping thirty-three items, all carefully curated to enable you to evade Santa’s detection, keep your eyes trained on the potential locations where this elusive gifting old man will appear, plus stuff that will enable you to carry out the Santa stakeout in comfort in the cold winter days. Continue reading Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet

Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet

since the beginning of time, invisibility has rank among the highs of man’s wants and unless you are involved in some military superpower top secret invisibility projects, the likelihood that you will ever see the light (or not see?) is next to zero. so for the mere mortals, Optics Planet has the Invisible Man Kit that will grant you the power to “disappear” into your surrounding. obviously, this is no Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility and this kit comprises of items pulled from Optics Planet’s vast catalog that will aid you in blending with the immediate surrounding. so, we like to reiterate: it does not make you literally invisible to anyone. Continue reading Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet


even the so-called adventure purists can’t live without electronics gears when out in the wild as evidence by the existence of gadgets like satellite phones (which has been around for decades) and for that, we have reasons to believe that average folks like us would not fancy living without power – even though we might not even have cell signals, but that’s beside the point. anyway, if camping out in the woods is your kind of fun, we think you and FlameStower here might become best friends in no time. like the BioLite CampStove, it rides on the heat generated by your wilderness cooking routine to charge your various USB-powered devices such as your smartphone, tablet, camera, and perhaps you portable Bluetooth speakers. basically, all the stuff that shouldn’t be bringing if you really want to be in touch with the nature, but then as we all found out the hard way that we can’t actually live without them. in another words, we just can’t live with just cricket symphony, or owls belting out solos. Continue reading FlameStower

MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

MINI isn’t the car anyone would associate with a camping adventure, but that doesn’t discourage the German-own British automaker to propose you do so with their MINIs. these getaway concepts are not new. we have seen one such example, the MINI Clubvan Concept, last year but since there ain’t no new cars to show off, why not reiterate that your tiny MINI could do more in the adventure department? three concepts are being put forward: the MINI Clubvan Camper, the MINI Cowley, and the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. in fact, we have seen the latter before too, but the latest iteration comes with a more generous room. the Clubvan Camper is billed as the world’s smallest luxury camper van (and we have no reason to doubt it) and is packed with practical amenities for an ideal weekend getaway. the MINI Cowley is a compact caravan designed for two and is pretty well-equipped with stuff like a twin-ring gas stove, fridge, as well as a sink – all you need is to stock the fridge with what you need. Continue reading MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

BMW Motorsport Tent

love camping over at motorsport events? well, here’s a tent that will make look the part at those gas-burning parties. it is a tent from BMW Motorsport, introduced as part of the Munich-based automaker’s Motorsport Collection. the BMW Motorsport Tent, as it is officially known as, features a PU-coated polyester construction and taped seams for water resistant, so regardless of what Mother Nature serves up, you should be able to keep yourself dry and comfy within, while side ventilation flaps keep the fresh air coming so that you and the other person don’t have to put with bad air or suffocates in silence. contributing to the tent’s ruggedness are a pair of flexible fiberglass poles, tent pegs, and an overall robust structure design. last but not the least, contrasting BMW Motorsport branding, plus reflective elements rounds up this motorsporty package. Continue reading BMW Motorsport Tent

Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent

the last thing any camping enthusiasts or explorers want in a camp trip is to be weighted down by the all-important tent. it may not be an option in the past, but now, with Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent, camping light seems to be a possibility after all. looking like a tent that secret government agencies would put up to conceal their non-earthy findings, the Mojo UFO is made of space-age Cuben Fiber (hence, the look) that Sierra Designs described as “insanely light and virtually indestructible.” so how light is it anyway, you asked? it weighs in at a nearly virtually weightless 1 lbs and 11 oz, and together with the Easton Carbon poles, the Mojo UFO is capable of standing up to any beatings – well, that’s provided you grounded it down probably. Continue reading Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent

Tonke Campers

the Airstream trailer has an irresistible old school charm, but what if you don’t want to having anything in tow and a motor coach is way too, well, typical to your liking? then the Tonke Campers might just by right up your alley. in a wonderful matrimony of the old and the new, the Tonke Campers features a cart-style camper, fused to the chassis of a modern day Mercedes-Benz truck that leaves us in awe and wanting one. of course, we have no room for such a beauty here, but for you guys who do, we envy you. we never thought retro styling could ever go with the contemporary (if only they could do the same for the new Unimog). anyhow, there are two series to choose from: the smaller Explorer series and the roomier Fieldsleeper series, and in between them are four specific models, each having their own unique amenities. Continue reading Tonke Campers