back in 2011, we opened our eyes to realize that a shovel could be a multi-tool too. needless to say, we were absolutely impressed. fast forward to today, the same company that gives you that Swiss Army knives of shovel, the Crovel (Crowbar + Shovel hybrid) has an improved version, aptly named Crovel Extreme II. we shall not dwell into the differences between the original and new iteration, and jump straight into what the Crovel Extreme II has to offer for camping/survival enthusiasts. first and foremost, it has a new 4140 Chromoly Alloy shovel head that incorporates precision sharpened edges, saw tooth edge, and the obligatory, bottle opener – now in a new location.

the shovel head edge has the strength and sharpness that is up to task for cutting, as well as chopping and the serrated edge is designed for sawing duties. on the other end, it boasts a 14-inch hollow steel handle for storage of small survival essentials such as waterproof matches, fishing hooks and line, snare wire and the likes, plus a knurled black powercoated plug to keep those survival essentials securely within. the other star feature is of course, the crowbar head, which also doubles a hammerhead, now with a wider surface, and the crowbar claw is refreshed to work on chiseling jobs. all told, this camping must-have offers over 13 tools, including an extra 550 paracord, conveniently wrapped on the hand for added grip strength and 15 feet of life-saving rope in times of need.

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with the new Crovel Extreme II, it is also offered with optionals, including a MOLLE compatible carrying bag and a metal spike for piercing ice, drywalls and everywhere that requires a hole in them, which brings us to your attention that this multi-tool could potentially a lethal weapon too and like any weapon, it has to be treated with respect. the Crovel Extreme II and the associated optional accessories can be acquired via ThinkGeek, starting at $139.99. head past the jump for a few more awesome images and also see it in action in the embedded video below.

ThinkGeek via Gear Up Center via Technabob

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