Crovel is the Swiss Army knife of shovel and more

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(credit: Crovel USA) Crovel Folding Shovel | US$85.00 |

i am not much an adventure person but the Crovel certainly has my attention. we are accustomed to pocket-size multi-tools such as the Swiss Army knife but a multi-tool that takes on shoveling job and prying job, among the many others? unusual i must say. the Crovel (shovel + crowbar) is one tool that has functions of more than 13 tools but obviously weight much lesser than having to lug 13 tools around.
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beside its obvious function as a shoveling and prying tool, the Crovel saws, hammers, open bottles, chops et cetera and the 550 paracord wrapped hand ensures maximum grip while doubling up as a 15 feet long life saving rope. without doubt, Crovel is the survival tool. though, knowledge in how to put the tools to good use would be advantageous to survival. you can get yours for $85 from Survival Outdoor Gear.

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