wake up to the sound of acoustic: The Acoustic Alarm

The Acoustic Alarm 544x368px
(credit: Jamie McMahon)

there are a slew of alarm clocks out there. though in different form, they almost sound too alike with the familiar but annoying ‘ring ring’ sound. understanding this annoying fact, designer Jamie McMahon designed The Acoustic Alarm that allows a more pleasant way of waking up in the morning. whatever the ‘noise’ is, you still has to wake up so why not wake to a more pleasing sound other than the traditional alarm sound?
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handcrafted from 2mm thick birch plywood, walnut and stainless steel, The Acoustic Alarm bears a minimalist design. there is no clock face, instead, two stainless steel knobs let user set the alarm clock time while a toggle switch sets the alarm to on or off. monotonous sound is avoid as user can customize the tone of their alarm by adjusting the walnut tuning pegs. when the alarm goes off, a rotational pick plucks the guitar strings thus producing a pleasant alarm sound.

The Acoustic Alarm 544x408px

Jamie McMahon Design via Yanko Design

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