In spite of the versatility and usefulness of Victorinox Swiss Army knives, they are hardly the go-to outdoor/camping gear which, btw, they really should (even though they don’t really look the part, if you know what I mean). Unfortunately, by having much revered Damast aka Damascus steel in the mix will not help it look the part.

Victorinox Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife

The fact that it is limited edition and costs 400 bucks a pop made it more of a collectors’ stuff. Yes. It really cost that much. But in return for 400 dollars, the get the best Swiss Army knife has to offer with Damast steel blade wrapped in sleek black forged carbon scales.

However, it is only the main blade that has gotten the Damascus steel. Than again, if all the 28 tools it possesses are of the same material, it wouldn’t cost just 400 dollars.

Victorinox Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife

Speaking of tools and functionalities, they include a small blade, can opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, wire cutter, rulers, chisel and magnifying glass (yes, even that!) – just to name a few.

Not going to lie. The Victorinox Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife (officially Limited Edition Damast Steel Pocket Knife) is quite a sight to behold. It is exclusively handcrafted in Switzerland for 2021 and limited to just 6,000 pieces worldwide, each sequentially numbered.

Victorinox Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife

Images: Victorinox.

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