Some, if not all, LEGO sets look more impressive with lights. As much as I want to add lights to my LEGO sets, I can’t splurge more into this already expensive hobby. I am not about to drop another hundred or more to light up my #75244. But I may change my mind if LEGO starting offering official lighting kits, or maybe I will not because, we heard the prices are pretty ridiculous.

LEGO has reportedly unveiled a series official lighting kits called Night Mode at LEGO World in Copenhagen. Five kits were showcased for specific sets, including #71043 Hogwarts Castle, #10260 Downtown Diner, #21318 Tree House, #10265 Ford Mustang and #41374 Andrea’s Pool Party.

Official LEGO Lighting Kits For Select Models
Nearly 50 bucks for a simple setup like this is indeed excessive.

While there were prices to those lighting kits, they are not quite for sale yet. More on that in a bit. As for the pricing, we heard, to light Hogwarts Castle it will cost a grand 1,449 DKK (or around US$210). I did not search for Hogwarts as I don’t have the set, but according to FBTB, third-party brands are going for $89-140. So, that kind of makes the official thing super expensive.

The only boon I see is possibly better integration with the sets (I hope!).

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Now, before we go all out critical, it is worthy to note that LEGO is, at this point, gauging interest and may or may not sell Night Mode. Also, I won’t jump into conclusion about the price because, we ought to compare apple to apple. Things like the number lighting elements, the electrical design and whatnot counts.

Head on to Brickset if to see more images of Night Mode’s boxes.

Official LEGO Lighting Kits For Select Models

Images: Brickset.

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