Casio G-Shock Camouflage Metal Timepieces

Two things that resonate with us when it comes to timepieces: rugged metal construction and camouflage. No. Not that BAPE camouflage (though that is, admittedly, pretty damn nice too).

We are talking about Casio G-Shock kind of rugged metal construction and Casio G-Shock one-of-a-kind camouflage print.

Casio G-Shock Camouflage Metal Timepieces

They can be found in Casio G-Shock’s latest collection of metal connected timepieces in two popular silhouettes: MT-G and GMWB5000.

Let me tell you this, they just dissolve my heart. Man, just look at the duo. No. Just look at the GMWB5000TCM-1. Iconic square case, in titanium case and band, and in unique laser camo print (which the MT-G version is also rocking). What’s not to love? Oh, right. The price. That part is not to love.

The GMWB5000TCM-1 commands a hefty $1,600 when it becomes available next month. Ouch. The MTGB1000DCM-1 isn’t too shabby in the pricing department either, though it is arguably cheaper at $1,200.

Of course, those prices are a far cry from the $70K Gold Hammertone model. Then again, that was solid gold and these? Titanium. You be the judge of whether or not if they are worth the dough. Keeping in mind the features and functions are pretty much rudimentary by the two silhouettes’ standard.

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Images: Casio/G-Shock.