Here’s The Fourth NASA-Inspired Limited-Edition G-Shock Timepiece

Since NASA and G-Shock collaboration started in 2020, we have never missed featuring any of it. But this time, somehow, it slipped and it was a slip that cost you the opportunity to buy the watch. We apologized but more on that in a jiffy. On July 12, Casio America, Inc. announced the fourth timepiece …

Limited Edition Coca-Cola x G-Shock Wristwatches: One Of Them Took Inspiration From The Classic Glass Bottle

Here’s another G-Shock news for Coca-Cola-loving collectors. G-Shock and the world’s most famous cola beverage maker have teamed up for a pair of limited edition Coca-Cola-inspired timepieces that marries the iconic G-Shock silhouettes with the vibrant spirit of the world’s most famous cola beverage maker.

Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary Clear Remix Has One Model That Is A Must-have For Collectors

A new collection of clear G-Shock has joined the G-Shock 40th Anniversary Remaster Black, the Bodega-touched DW56000, and GW5000U-1 in celebrating the 40 glorious years of G-Shock. And it has more pieces to offer. The Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary Clear Remix [JP] has at least four timepieces in the collection, all featuring an alluring clear …

Iconic Casio Timepieces Turned Into Super Cool Looking Rings By Toy Maker Stasto Stand Stones

Ever wish you could tell time from your fingers? If you do, then your dream has come true. Well, almost because the miniature Casio wristwatches in the Casio Watch Ring Collection are non-functional. They are toy rings that are faithful recreations of Casio’s iconic timepieces in miniature proportion created by Japanese toy maker Stasto Stand …

Kentucky Boutique Oneness Collab With G-Shock For This Super Cool Kentucky Bourbon-themed Timepiece

What’s more Kentucky than Kentucky itself? Kentucky bourbon, of course, and Oneness, if streetwear is your thing. Speaking of Kentucky bourbon and Oneness, there is a special collab between the Kentucky-based sneaker and streetwear boutique and Casio for a special whiskey-infused G-Shock timepiece. Well, not literally infused with whiskey, though. That would be nuts.

Shin Kamen Rider x G-Shock DW5600 Shocker Wristwatch

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider, Bandai has partnered with Casio for a commemorative G-Shock timepiece, the Shin Kamen Rider x G-Shock DW-5600 Shocker Wristwatch. As the product name suggests, the Shin Kamen Rider x G-Shock DW-5600 Shocker Wristwatch is based on the popular rugged square DW-5600 model.