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Gold HammerTone Is The Most Opulent G-SHOCK Yet In Both Looks And Price

Casio G-Shock watches are built rugged and never known to be exorbitantly priced. However, years ago, the Japanese watchmaker ventured into the premium timepiece market with MR-G series, with current models commanding anything from 2-3K but today, the brand celebrates two decades of MR-G by upping its premium status to a whole new level with the G-SHOCK MR-G Gold Hammer Tone Hybrid GPS Watch (MRGG1000HG-9A). Continue reading Gold HammerTone Is The Most Opulent G-SHOCK Yet In Both Looks And Price

G-SHOCK Gets The Maharishi Treatment For The Fourth Time

We are witnessing a what could be a collaboration addiction between Casio G-SHOCK and UK-based pacifist military design label Maharishi. Yes. That Maharishi, again. Not that we are tired of the wonderful collaboration, but our wallets certainly won’t be too please because, not surprisingly, the resulting product, the G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A, is pretty tantalizing and this means, it beckons us to dish out exorbitant sum for it, well, as far as G-SHOCK goes, that is. And how much are we talking about? $850. Ouch. Continue reading G-SHOCK Gets The Maharishi Treatment For The Fourth Time

Casio Teams Up With Va$htie To Release Limited Edition Gold G-SHOCK Watch

Gold is not the usual thing when it comes to G-SHOCK. Though the world’s most loved, super tough digital timepiece does have some gold colored watches in its lineup, they are not quite the gold, gold one might have expected. That said, if you are all up for some goldish ‘bling’ that comes with the renowned toughness of G-SHOCK and with a tinkle of exclusivity, then may we suggest you check out the Casio G-SHOCK x Va$htie GMAS110VK-9A Watch. This special collaboration between Casio America and the famed New York-based director/artist/DJ/creative consultant/brand owner of fashion label Violette New York is G-SHOCK’s first-ever work with a female artist and is clearly geared towards the young, fashion-forward bunch. Continue reading Casio Teams Up With Va$htie To Release Limited Edition Gold G-SHOCK Watch

Casio G-SHOCK New Military Black Series For 2015 Arrives In January

There are a lot of military-grade wrist watches out there, but for Casio’s G-SHOCK digital timepieces, they do not need to hang a label that says they are military tough, because as it is, they are beyond tough as nails. What it lacks is a coat of suitable color to match its toughness. No. We are not talking about camo patterned G-SHOCK here (although those are equally apt). We talking about the good’ol plain black colorway, a color that’s synonymous with stealth and tactical ops, and it is the color which you will find on the the Japanese watchmaker’s new Military Black Series of G-SHOCK wrist watches. There are four models to choose from, namely GA-100MB, GA-110MB, GD-120MB and GD-400MB, each bearing its own dial style and functionalities. Continue reading Casio G-SHOCK New Military Black Series For 2015 Arrives In January

New G-SHOCK Watch Has Music Discovery Functionality And Controls Music Too

you already know G-Shock has Bluetooth-enabled watches that lets you get notifications of incoming calls and emails, synchronize the time with your iPhone and such. the Bluetooth variant G-Watches basically serves as a basic smartwatch of sort, but in a rugged package that we are all accustomed to. however, with the new G-SHOCK GBA-400, the Japanese watchmaker most notable for making calculators and super tough digital timepieces, has added a couple of music lover-friendly features that further takes advantage of its Bluetooth Smart connectivity. for starter, you can now control music playback on your smartphone right from the bezel and having the music title displayed on the tiny LCD display. though, we are not sure if this remote music control is limited to the music stored on your device or if will also work with apps like Pandora and Spotify. Continue reading New G-SHOCK Watch Has Music Discovery Functionality And Controls Music Too

G-SHOCK Outs Ocean Concept Watch, Sports Slew of Sensors For Ocean Adventure

when boating, the last thing any sailor wants is to ride into a storm. sure, you can check out the weather forecast prior to setting off or have a slew of pricey hardware onboard to help you avert potential bad weather, but unfortunately Mother Nature is not as predictable as we thought she would be and not every seaman can afford to drop thousands of dollars on hardware, which kind of makes the $500 CASIO G-Shock Gulfmaster Ocean Concept Watch (GWN-1000) a favorable proposition. apart from the standard duty as a rugged timepiece, it is also equipped with Triple Sensors to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/altitude, and temperature. with atmospheric information readily available on your wrist, you can better anticipate changes in the weather, while the compass functionality keeps you in the know of the direction and tide graph for pre-set locations lets you in of sea surface conditions. Continue reading G-SHOCK Outs Ocean Concept Watch, Sports Slew of Sensors For Ocean Adventure

G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”

it looks like Casio G-Shock is particularly fond of camouflage in recent times and so it seems only logical that the famed shockproof watchmaker turns to the masters of camouflage, Maharishi (again) to step up their game in camouflage print, and the result? a third collaborative timepiece known as G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”. the GD-X6900M is adorned with Maharishi’s Lunar Bonsai camouflage pattern from the UK label’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, printed using G-Shock’s print technology that allows it to print on an even greater surface area of the watch’s strap and bezel than ever possible. “DPM: Lunar Bonsai” is inspired by the appearance of the moon, providing a unique camo pattern unlike no other. Continue reading G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”

G-SHOCK Camouflage Watch

G-SHOCK has been known for its super rugged qualities, but yet it has never been associated with another rugged design element: camouflage, well, that is until now. meet the G-SHOCK Camouflage Watches, a series of rugged digital timepiece presented in an all-over coating of a classic tiger and woodland camouflage prints. kicking off the series is the GDX6900CM featuring a tiger camo design covering the case, band and dial. the XL GDX6900CM has a 53.9 mm case diameter and is available in a choice of two colorways: tan and grey. key features include water resistant to 200M (656 feet), MIL-STD-810G military standard shock resistant, auto Super Illuminator LED light, 3 multi-function alarms, 1/100th stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24-hour time formats, 48-city world time and a 10-year battery. Continue reading G-SHOCK Camouflage Watch

G-SHOCK x Todd Snyder Metal Twisted MT-G Watches

just in case you thought the Metal Twisted MT-G watches by Casio aren’t ‘fashionable’ enough to go with your black tie events, this collaboration between G-SHOCK and rising New York-based designer Todd Snyder might change your mind. the G-SHOCK x Todd Snyder Metal Twisted MT-G Watches does not really change anything about the already luxe watch from the Japanese watchmaker, but is more of an affirmation of the timepiece’s sophistication and prestige (to be honest, it is a little hard to associate Casio with luxury; all we think of are calculators and rugged watches…). speaking of which, that sophistication and prestige elements are exemplified by the limited edition watch gift box, developed specially by Todd Snyder. Continue reading G-SHOCK x Todd Snyder Metal Twisted MT-G Watches

G-SHOCK Metal Twisted MT-G Watches

we bet you didn’t think a G-SHOCK watch would go with your tuxe event. actually, you are right – that’s until the arrival of the G-SHOCK Metal Twisted MT-G Watches. now, don’t let the CASIO and G-SHOCK brands scare you away; the Japanese electronics maker has proudly claimed that the Metal Twisted MT-G collection is “their most sophisticated and prestigious timepiece collection to date.” if that’s not enough to quell your anxiety of being frown upon at any black tie event – perhaps, the image above (and those in the gallery after the break) should give you the much needed reassurance. there are three premium chronograph models in this collection, but regardless of which model you choose, you will be sure that the time piece is of highest standards of engineering and has been put through rigorous testing at CASIO’s design center in Japan. Continue reading G-SHOCK Metal Twisted MT-G Watches