G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer For HODINKEE: The Third And Final Piece From The 3-Way Collab

Remember the HODINKEE G-Shock watch by John Mayer? Well, it turns out, it was the first of the three planned. There was a second model introduced last, which we did not feature. Fast forward to this year, the third and final model, the G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE was introduced.

Casio Has Gone To Great Lengths To Create This Ergonomic Calculator

Do calculators have a place in the age of smartphones? As it turns out, not only do calculators have a place in the modern world but they are actually a critical tool for performing specific jobs. How critical? Well, let’s just say that it is important enough for Casio to want to carry out a …

Third G-Shock And NASA Watch Has A Colorway Inspired By Astronaut’s Suit

G-Shock has dropped a new NASA collab model, the CASIO G-Shock x NASA GWM5610NASA4 Watch. It is the third NASA collaborative watch following the DW5600NASA20-7CR in 2020 and DW5600NASA21 in 2021. Like the previous two, it is also based on the square face G-Shock but this time, it is presented in an orange color inspired …

Someone Is In The Process Of Turning A Casio F-91W Digital Watch Into A Smartwatch

At this point, the Casio smartwatch is not new. The company officially join the smartwatch game last year with its first Wear OS-powered device. Though that was hardly the first. The watchmaker first ventured into the smart timepiece territory in 2016. But clearly, there are folks like me who love to see a “restomod” version.