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Pocket Shot Adds Camo Edition And Whisker Biscuit Cap For Archery

Things change as human progresses. With that said, do you think slingshot will remain the Y-shape form you are familiar with as we move into the future? Probably, but it is likely to be more advanced like laser-equipped example we have seen previously, or we would be using a whole new type of slingshot like the Pocket Shot to take out the walking dead. Continue reading Pocket Shot Adds Camo Edition And Whisker Biscuit Cap For Archery

HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

HEX brand has a new line of bags that bears the perfect mix of urban utility and rugged feel. Called HEX Regimental Rugged Quilted Camo Bag Collection, it consists of 15 pieces of bags and sleeves each boasting a water-resistant, nylon in camo print, fabric lined and quilted. I will be honest here. It is hard to imagine quilted design with camo design, mostly because quilted is usually associated with luxury and sophistication while camo points toward ruggedness. However, from the looks of it, HEX may have pulled it off nicely. Don’t believe? Just take a look at the product images available with this post, touch your heart and tell us they are not. Continue reading HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

Turtle Beach Recon Camo: Camo Is The Reason Why I Need This Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach has announced a new gaming headset that is is totally worthy of our attention because of two key reasons: one, it is multiplatform, which means you don’t quite need to worry about the changing platforms and two, camouflage. With a camouflage design, the Turtle Beach Recon Camo Mutliplatform Gaming Headset tickles our fancy right away. The camo it has seems to make everything else fade into the background. Yes. I am this big of a fan of all-thing camouflage. You can even call me a sucker for camo, I don’t care. It is the truth anyways. Continue reading Turtle Beach Recon Camo: Camo Is The Reason Why I Need This Gaming Headset

Camouflage Pattern is Everywhere, Even on Ice Creams Too

Food is very much a lifestyle for some, which is why we do, at times, throw in a little news on the gastronomical happenings in the world around us. As for ourselves, we have this special affinity for burgers and the cold stuff called ice cream too. However, we never gotten around to do ice creams until today when we stumble upon this camouflage ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. Yes. You heard that right: camouflage ice cream. Man, it sure sounds like the perfect thing for us cos’ it brings together two our of loves: ice cream and camouflage. Who would have thought that’s even possible? I guess no one except for Baskin-Robbins. The camouflage ice cream, known as First Class Camouflage, is the new flavor of the month (November) introduced last week and is offered with matching camouflage waffle cone or bowl, or in a cup, if you prefer. Continue reading Camouflage Pattern is Everywhere, Even on Ice Creams Too

You Won’t Want To Drop This Action Cam While In The Woods

these days we are not content with enjoying our hobbies; we want to capture them so we can relive those awesome moments and sharing them with those we care at a latter time. while action cam are a dime a dozen in the market, not many can say that they are geared towards hunting and fishing. this is where ION Camo Cam wants to fill the void. the ION Camo Cam is, as the product name implies, appropriately skinned in Realtree XTRA-designed camouflage to help blend into the environment so that it will not attract undue attention from your games. perhaps not so much for fishing application as far as camouflage is concerned. however, it does comes with a specially designed mount with the firm’s easy lock technology that allows it to be affix to the barrel of your rifle, fishing net, or even the stabilizer bar on a compound bow. Continue reading You Won’t Want To Drop This Action Cam While In The Woods

G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”

it looks like Casio G-Shock is particularly fond of camouflage in recent times and so it seems only logical that the famed shockproof watchmaker turns to the masters of camouflage, Maharishi (again) to step up their game in camouflage print, and the result? a third collaborative timepiece known as G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”. the GD-X6900M is adorned with Maharishi’s Lunar Bonsai camouflage pattern from the UK label’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, printed using G-Shock’s print technology that allows it to print on an even greater surface area of the watch’s strap and bezel than ever possible. “DPM: Lunar Bonsai” is inspired by the appearance of the moon, providing a unique camo pattern unlike no other. Continue reading G-SHOCK x Maharishi GD-X6900M “DPM: Lunar Bonsai”

Obrum PL-01 Concept Tank with Adaptiv Systems

one look at the PL-01 Concept Tank, i bet you didn’t think it is a machine of this era. it looks more like a tank pulled from the pages of a science friction graphic novel. anyway, this tank is very much the real-deal, or at least soon-to-be a real deal and it packs quite a punch in terms of the technologies that goes into it. we are not war advocates, but this war machine sure looks super cool, made even more cooler by the invisibility cloak it is wearing. yes. you heard us. invisibility cloak. developed by Obrum, which is part of Poland Defence Holdings (PDH), the PL-01 Concept is based around BAE Systems CV90 AFV which we saw way back in 2011 and features the super cool Adaptiv systems that will make the vehicle invisible to infrared by matching the tank’s skin to the infrared signature of the surroundings. in this way, the tank will be invisible to infrared-based weapons and devices, though it is still visible to naked eyes. Continue reading Obrum PL-01 Concept Tank with Adaptiv Systems

G-SHOCK Camouflage Watch

G-SHOCK has been known for its super rugged qualities, but yet it has never been associated with another rugged design element: camouflage, well, that is until now. meet the G-SHOCK Camouflage Watches, a series of rugged digital timepiece presented in an all-over coating of a classic tiger and woodland camouflage prints. kicking off the series is the GDX6900CM featuring a tiger camo design covering the case, band and dial. the XL GDX6900CM has a 53.9 mm case diameter and is available in a choice of two colorways: tan and grey. key features include water resistant to 200M (656 feet), MIL-STD-810G military standard shock resistant, auto Super Illuminator LED light, 3 multi-function alarms, 1/100th stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24-hour time formats, 48-city world time and a 10-year battery. Continue reading G-SHOCK Camouflage Watch

Freeman x Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket

being beaten down by heavy downpour is never on anyone’s to-do-list, but if you have to do it, you have to do it and since the inevitable is going to happen, then why do it looking suave? with the Freeman x Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket you can look uber stylish while you are braving the rain and not being completely drenched. in this collaboration with Freeman of Seattle, Ball and Buck borrows “The Freeman” jacket as the foundation and introduces some recognizable Ball and Buck signature styling. Continue reading Freeman x Ball and Buck Premium Rain Jacket

Nikon COOLPIX AW120 Rugged Camera

the Nikon COOLPIX AW120 Rugged Camera is an awesome example of being rugged doesn’t means it have to look rugged. in fact, the only hint that it is ruggedized is the black plastic band around the circumference of the camera, otherwise it looks pretty much like any point-and-shoot camera. the tough built of the AW120 offers waterproofing up to 18 meters (about 60 feet), shock-proof that shrugs off fall from up to 2 meters (six and half feet) height, plus coldproof to approximately minus 10 degree Celsius (14 degree Fahrenheit). it is of course, sealed against dust and sand, making this the go-to camera for adventure seekers and basically, another who is constantly paranoia about dropping the camera for no obvious reasons. Continue reading Nikon COOLPIX AW120 Rugged Camera